Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Christmas Fallout!

October has come and gone, Halloween is over, the Turkey has been carved and Christmas is already a few days old.  Where in the world did the time go?  For a site that claims to love and celebrate the "holidaze," you sure wouldn't think so based on my inconsistency and lack of commitment to the blog.  While in the midst of what was sure to be my best Halloween Countdown yet, real-life and work once again reared their ugly heads and forced me to but junk food and cereal on the back-burner.  To be perfectly honest, after missing out on sharing my trip to Disney World, Halloween Horror Nights and Salem, MA, I basically shut the site down for good.  It's not easy gaining traction and acquiring traffic, especially when so many awesome writers have most of this stuff covered better than I do, so I turned my attention toward social media and settled for much more entertaining, self-serving, and meaningful interaction with like-minded nerds.  Is The Holidaze done for good?  Possibly, but when asked by my buddy Chad to rise from the ashes and present my 2015 Christmas Fallout with a bunch of other cool guys, I was honored, excited, and simply couldn't say no.

So, on a weird site that features a 2015 Halloween Countdown header above a 2015 Christmas Fallout banner, I'm bringing it all together and closing out the year with a celebration of materialism and selfishness.  Yep, here's what Santa brought me for being such a good boy all year long!

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