Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jekyll & Hyde's - Times Square

On Saturday the 25th of October, after we enjoyed our delicious Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters donuts, it was on to stage two of our perfect Hallowday!  Going along with our plan, we were off to Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York City.  Now, last year, we went to the original location in the Village and it was a blast.  Much like this go-around, we went the Saturday before Halloween and while it was filled with patrons dressed up in Halloween costumes, there was no wait and we were able to walk right in.  Well, in 2014, that wasn't so simple.  Being in the very heart of Times Square, Jekyll & Hyde was attracting a slew of customers all eagerly anticipating entrance into one of the coolest restaurant / bars in the city.  For a lover of the macabre, this was the place to be!  I looked at the line of people waiting outside and said to my girlfriend, "Nah, this line is for the Haunted House, we could walk right into the restaurant."  She said "No, I'm pretty sure this is the line to get into the restaurant."  Being that I'm always right, I quickly responded back with a chuckle and affirmation that "Nope, this is definitely just for the Haunted House."  Then, like an RKO outta nowhere, some random girl on the street turns to me and says "Um, no, that's actually the line for the restaurant."  Damn.. I stood there, stunned, owned by a stranger, and had to suffer from salt in the wound when I looked over at Eileen who was grinning ear to ear.  Alright alright.. Everybody has to be wrong at one point in their lives, right?  I swallowed my pride, pretended that it didn't happen, and got on line knowing girl power is alive and well.

Dipped Caramel Apple Granola Bars

This time of year, we usually spend so much time talking about the big name brands that the smaller ones tend to fall to the wayside.  Sometimes, the little engine that could turns out to be much stronger than we gave him credit for.  Other times, we realize they're small for a reason and they confirm why they're much less-known than the big dogs.  Which category will today's Halloween treat fall into?  Well, we're talking about Market Pantry, and extension of the Target brand, and they've surprised me a few times in the past.  Market Pantry certainly goes all out for the seasons and does their part in celebrating the holidays, but not everything has been solid.  Today, we're talking about a product that sounds amazing, but may be too much of a long-shot to actually be any good.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts

For the first time since January, I was off from work this past Saturday and couldn't have been more excited for the big day.  Knowing that it was the last Saturday before Halloween, my girlfriend and I wanted to treat it as such in celebration of the amazing season we've had in 2014.  The plan was to hop on the train, make the quick commute to NYC, grab a few Ghostbusters donuts from Krispy Kreme, eat at Jekyll and Hyde's in Times Square, drink at Times Scare afterwards, and enjoy a Haunted House followed by some Scaryoke.  It was quite the endeavor and, thankfully, I can say we pulled it all off without a hitch and it better than a few Halloweens I've had in the past.  It was too much fun to convey in words, but it wouldn't have been half of what it was without our very first stop at NY Penn Station!

Candy Apple M&M's

You know by now, we can't have seasonal products without seasonal M&M's.  For the last few years, M&M's have come second only to Oreo cookies in the battle for most-unique-flavors supremacy.  Whether it's Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, Carrot Cake, or Gingerbread, there's no doubt M&M's do their fair share of getting involved and enhancing the season.  Unlike some of you, I never knock a company for taking advantage of the system and using my curiosity for their profit.  In fact, I welcome it.  I love these new, sometimes oddball, off-the-wall flavors and always go out of my way to review and appreciate them.  In today's case, there's nothing too out of the ordinary and the flavor is probably long overdue.  Falling in line with Fall 2014, M&M's have gone apple picking!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hostess Scary Cakes

Two days ago, I talked about the return of Orange S'Cream Twinkies and the return of Hostess Halloween products.  Well, with those beautifully filled sponge cakes comes another spooky legend - Scary Cakes!!  Now, we've talked about these Halloween-themed cupcakes in the past, but long before we ever thought they'd disappear.  In 2012, I reviewed Scary Cakes and compared them to what they used to be.  Sure, the cupcake itself has stayed relatively the same, but the box art and package design has changed almost every single year.  Then, I talked about the old-school Munster Pack and change to Monster Cakes.  Those were monumental times in my life because I was literally drawn in by these works of art and inspired to illustrate, animate, color and design myself.  There were something about those pieces that infatuated me and filled my heart with Halloween spirit.  To this day, I can remember where I was and who I was with whenever those boxes were bought, put on the table, or opened.  It was a happy time, now a nostalgic period, and I payed homage to that in 2012.  Then, as I mentioned two-days ago, Hostess closed up shop and Scary Cakes were gone... forever?  So it seemed, but in 2014, Scary Cakes are back!!  This time, I'm not comparing them to the past.  I'm just happy they're once again a part of the present.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cheetos Bag of Bones

It's crunch time here on The Holidaze and I'm not talking about bone-crunching action!  We're only 4 days away from Halloween and it's time to roll out all the amazing products I've been sitting on for the last few weeks.  A lot of writers tend to bring you these things as soon as their released, usually in hopes of being the first so that their number of hits increase and more people click those ads.  Personally, I couldn't care less about any of that.  I'm here to celebrate!  I'm here to create an experience - for you and me - and this week is most important of them all!  Sure, I could have talked about Twinkies and Krispy Kreme Donuts a few weeks ago, but this is the main event!  If I did that, all I'd have left are granola bars.  That doesn't end the season on a high note and it's my goal to roll out the All-Star lineup.

It's Halloweek!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Twinkies - Orange S'Cream

Okay okay, I wanted Halloween season to start earlier than ever, but I'd like Halloween itself to slow itself down!  I cannot believe we are only 5 days away from October 31st!  Time seriously flew by and, like I said previously, work has limited my interaction with all of you via The Holidaze and Social Media.  For me, that's the sucky part about this time of year.  For whatever reason, I always seem to find myself busier in October than any other month.  But I wanted to take advantage of this weekend, both personally and on The Holidaze, to at least get this ball rolling through the week and into the big day.  I've been sitting on this post, along with the others coming at ya before Friday, because they're special and all represent Halloween perfectly in one way or another.  I'll throw in a few extra's here and there, but today we're talking about a product that I had only hoped for when we first covered the X-Men Twinkies with the Blue Creme center.  Once we saw them hit shelves, I found a glimmer of hope and depended on Hostess to do the rest.  This year, they didn't disappoint!

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