Friday, August 2, 2013

Halloween on Instagram

The past two years, there have been plenty of times when I've been out and about, looking for Halloween treats and decorations, but simply don't have the money or space to purchase and review them.  Sometimes, I'm just not interested enough to own them, but would love to talk about them.  Other times, a product is awesome to look at, but doesn't warrant enough words to blog about it.  Nobody wants to read a 500-word post about a Halloween Christmas ornament.

That's where my Instagram account comes into play, this year.  I launched it to post random photos and, at the same time, promote The Holidaze.  So far, it's been a good move.  But with Halloween right around the corner, and so many products out already, I realized this could be useful for the tiny topics that would have never made The Holidaze last year.  I now have a platform to showcase all those items that I can't afford, don't want, or have no use for.  Even if I don't have the room for a certain product at home or on The Holidaze, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be shared.  So @HolidazeBlog is the place to go to find all that good stuff!  I've even started already!

See, these are great!  But since I didn't purchase them, and probably won't before Halloween, I don't feel justified in posting them on The Holidaze.  I like to review things that I actually own.  Sure, that Spider isn't going to do any more at my house than it did at Hallmark, but if I start reviewing things that I don't bring home on The Holidaze, then I won't feel truthful.  At that point, where do I draw the line?  I might as well review every and anything I find on Google and say it's mine.  I just wouldn't feel right.

That's what @HolidazeBlog on Instagram is for.  I can offer quick reviews (a few words) on what I find and tell you where I found it.  It allows me to cover more than last Halloween while giving you the opportunity to purchase something that you may not have ever heard of before.  It works out perfectly, all around!

Those are a few examples of what I'll be posting on the @HolidazeBlog Instagram Account.  Now, don't get me wrong, Halloween decorations, toys, and candy will all be covered here on The Holidaze itself, but most of what is pictured above has already been discussed before.  I'd hate to ignore such awesome products just because they've been reviewed, so this is a great way of giving them their due year after year.  Finding new viewers on Instagram is somewhat easier than it is on Blogger, so hopefully we'll be able to reach a variety of people who, if interested, will head to The Holidaze and read all about Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins from my first week writing on The Holidaze!

Take these Caramel Apple Milky Way Miniatures for example!  I wrote about these last year and they were probably my favorite product released for the Fall season.  They were so good that I recently e-mailed Mars Candy to see if they'd be released again.  They were very hush-hush, but only a week later we found them at Stop & Shop.  I was pumped!  But, I can't review them again!  That's been done, already!  But what about the people who may have missed them last year or overlooked them this year?  They need to be reached and informed.  These are too good to pass up!  So, I posted them on @HolidazeBlog and let people know that they're available and reviewed on The Holidaze.  That's what Instagram is good for!

In addition, @HolidazeBlog on Instagram isn't just for the Halloween season; it's good for everything!!  Take this Diet Snapple, for example.  This one is called Trop-A-Rocka and was released years ago after Bret Michaels won The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.  I absolutely love this Snapple.  It's my favorite of all time and, because it's still around, I must not be the only one.  It's delicious.  But that's about as descriptive as I can get without overloading you with annoying longevity that doesn't belong.  Things like this, also posted in @HolidazeBlog, are perfect for Instagram.  You get to see it, read a little bit about it, and understand that it's available.  

Plus, I'll throw in a little bit of nostalgia, candy, and toys every once in a while.

So log in to your Instagram account (or create one) and follow me @HolidazeBlog.  I'll also be doing the same on Twitter, but probably to a lesser degree.  So if you're interested, don't miss out on the fun photos @HolidazeBlog!  Hey, I might even throw a few contests via Instagram!

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  1. Awesome man! Halloween seems to have came super early this season (not that I am complaining!) ... I actually gave in and just converted my blog into its fall theme for the start of the 2013 Halloween Countdown!

    I look forward to seeing what you post this season as well, man!


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