Thursday, May 29, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past Blue Raspberry Twinkies

All it takes is one or two new products to kick the season off right and get me back in that Holidaze spirit.  While I haven't been updating the site as regularly as I'd like, I have been behind-the-scenes, scouring stores and online shops, in an attempt to find as many new and intriguing products as possible.  I've been relatively successful and have a few things ready to go, but this one just couldn't wait.  There was no way I was going to sit on this until it had come and gone without any fanfare.  I did that with a good 6-7 Easter products and now they've been trashed in the "unreleased material" folder.  When I call it unreleased material, I feel more important.  I'm like the Michael Jackson of holidays.

Ahhh behold the beauty!!  If you're familiar with The Holidaze, you may be aware of my history (or lack thereof) with Hostess Twinkies.  For as much as I'd like you to click that link, the short story is I never tried one before they temporarily went extinct.  Then, upon their return last Summer, I couldn't get enough of the spongy goodness.  They weren't easy to find, but I bought a box whenever I did.  Now, they're everywhere and I still do my part to keep them in business.  However, since I overlooked Twinkies for so many years, I missed out on the promotional tie-ins or, more specifically, the Ogre Green Shrek Twinkies.  Oh man do they look and sound delicious!  Tasty sponge cakes filled with green goo.  As a fan of TMNT and Slimer, that screams cool on so many different levels.

That time has come and gone.  Thankfully, I have Google to search and pretend as though I took part in that craze.  But this time?  Oh no, buddy!  I wasn't going to miss out again... This time, Hostess and their Twinkies have joined forces with Marvel and the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past! Now, I didn't see the film, but simply because we received this box of delicious glory, I give it 5 stars and an Academy Award.  Blue creme wins every time.

These Twinkies are all business on top but there's one hell of an ecstasy laced party going on below.  This blue creme is seeping through the cake, just asking for you to devour it and ultimately mutate into a new super hero.  Nobody knows who or what you'll become, but that type of colored ooze can only mean you're destined to save the world.  Move over, Wolverine.. 

Cue the Daniel Bryan "YES" chants because I absolutely love this color!!  Look at this closely because it's obviously more than just "blue."  Calling it "blue" is insulting it's beauty.  There's a hint of turquoise, cerulean, cornflower, denim, purple, indigo, and navy.  Sure, I did look up the list of Crayola Crayon colors in order to name these colors, but that's just a small portion of my time worth spending in order to properly describe such an important Summer product!  It's the type of cake that lets kids and kids-at-heart pretend they're eating something forbidden that will enhance their powers beyond human capability.  I mean, I can't be the only 27-year-old expecting to fly after eating a Twinkie, right?  Um..

In all seriousness, the coolest part about these new Twinkies are exactly what separates them from those Ogre Green Shrek Twinkies from years ago... they're flavored!!  Now, I'm no Twinkie historian, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time Twinkie creme has been flavored Blue Raspberry!  I didn't know what to expect from this flavor because, now that I've had and love the traditional Twinkie, it's a tough recipe to alter without affecting its taste.  But the verdict?  Absolutely awesome!  It tastes sooo good and couldn't be a bigger hit in my eyes.  More than anything, this is a great sign that Hostess is back and better than ever.  Since their demise, they've come a long way in less than a year and I couldn't be happier for all my fellow junk-food-eaters of the world!  This one is for us!

In even better news, Blue Raspberry isn't the only promotional flavor released to coincide with X-Men: Days of Future Past.  While I was unable to find it just yet, there are now Strawberry Twinkies out there on shelves.  I can't comment on what type of super powers they may bring you, but rumor has it you may become a villain.  Choose your path wisely ;)

If or when I find the other box, you can bet your X that they'll be on The Holidaze!  In the meantime, I'll be over here praying that they do something similar for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie this August! Oh please please please, Hostess! hashtag nerd..

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