Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Caramel Apple Oreo Cookies

These have been out for a few weeks now, but after today's announcement that Nabisco will be releasing Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies on September 24th, it was only right that I finally bring these Caramel Apple Oreo Cookies to The Holidaze!!

Like I said in an earlier post, Caramel Apple is the unofficial flavor of 2014 and just about everybody is cashing in on its popularity.  To think that Oreo wouldn't follow suit would have been stupid!  As we've discussed time and time again, Nabisco has no restraint when it comes to these insane Oreo flavors and I simply can't get enough.  Last year, I hoped to see Caramel Apple Oreo cookies on shelves, but was disappointed to only find Candy Corn, again.  But this year, Nabisco is stepping up their game.  They've been on a roll in 2014 and there's no letting up in sight.  When I first saw these posted on Instagram, I almost flipped my lid.  At first, I thought it was a cruel joke.  Have you seen the photoshopped "Fried Chicken" and "Butterbeer" flavors?  Yep, there are people out there who love to play with my nerdy emotions.  But this is no joke, this is the real deal and if you haven't found them already, I urge you to do so before they're gone!

As soon as you open the bag, Fall envelops and surrounds you.  Your sense of smell is pleasantly attacked and the scent lives up to the hype I built in the 2014 Intro Video.  There's a fight between Caramel and Apple and they're battling for your affection.  From the moment you pull back that seal, you'll realize that this aroma is stronger than any other flavor we've talked about before.  It's sweet, it's strong, and it's seductive.  If you're on any type of diet, stay far away from these cookies.  Don't even get within 10-feet of these Caramel Apple Oreos.  There's no way you can turn one down and once you eat one, you know what happens.  These are way too tempting for anybody who's watching the LB's.  But if you're looking to indulge, then oh man are you in for a treat!

The creme is two-toned and each side represents a different flavor.  Yep, you guessed it, the brown side tastes like Caramel and the green tastes like Apple.  Who woulda thunk it?  Now, it looks like there's not enough Caramel and we're going to end up with another case of Jolly Rancher Crunch'n Chews, but that's not the case.  Not pictured here, every Oreo Cookie showcases a different ratio.  Some of more or less than the other, but they all bring out the same flavor.  As if the Yankee Candle scent wasn't enough, the bright green and brown contrast is pretty enough to frame.  This is just one of those special products that help brighten the season.  Or, in the case of Halloween, darken it in a beautifully Fall way!

These are amazing!!  I can't begin to tell you how delicious these are!  I know there are many of you who have had enough of Nabisco and their mad scientists who come up with these crazy limited- editions, but we've already covered that argument and, unfortunately, you lose.  When companies like Nabisco go the extra mile to release seasonal products like this one, we all come out winners.  Some will hit, others will miss, but we receive the opportunity to decide what's good and what's bad.  In this case, I can't imagine any of you being disappointed.  Even those of you who believe we should stick with tradition and only eat classic Oreo cookies may be swayed with this one.  This has the power to change your mind and embrace the new Nabisco.  Until we get a shot at Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies, which I predicted a few weeks ago, Caramel Apple Cookies are perfect for Fall and hold the Cookie Championship.  They're even better than my beloved Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Cookies and, believe me, that says a lot!  So go out, find these, and support Nabisco's lab experiments.

10 / 10


  1. These Oreos sound intriguing but... cookies so rarely enter my house and when they do they have an incredibly short lifespan of about 3 minutes. When Halloween rolls around I tend to make an effort to at least grab the Halloween Edition Oreos. Who knows, I may have to give these a chance now- great review!

  2. I get that everyone is maxed out on the whole pumpkin spice thing (everyone except me I guess) so I gave these a try. They are ok, not a huge caramel apple fan but I must say the flavor is spot on. Oreo continues to impress. I have really high hopes for pumpkin spice Oreos, I am literally counting the days until they are released. Obsessed much? Lol

  3. Haha I don't blame you at all. I wish I liked Pumpkin Spice as much as everybody else seems to. I just can't seem to acquire the taste, no matter how much I want to. But I'm actually excited over the Pumpkin Spice Oreos. I'm interested to see how they're gonna pull that off! I give Oreo credit for trying all of these different things!

  4. Haha oh yeah, I hear ya! Cookies don't last long around here, either. Especially when they're this good! I'm with you, between now and Christmas, this is the only time of year where there's an abundant amount of junk food in the house. Most of it gets thrown out or we pick here and there, but the Halloween Oreos are a must and never last! Caramel Apple are in the same category, this year! Thanks for reading :)

  5. THESE ARE AMAZING! I love them already. I can't wait to try the piarate's booty carmel apple flavor!


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