Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lemon Twist Oreo Cookies

When I first heard about the Watermelon Oreo cookies, I knew that they were being released with a much less impressive partner -- Lemon Twist!  It didn't sound all that appealing, but I was still hoping to find the limited-edition in order to review them and, obviously, give them a shot.  But if you thought I had a hard time finding the watermelon variety, that doesn't even come close to the hassle these Lemon Twist Oreos were.  In fact, it was only recently that I had completely given up on them.  I figured these would go down the same drain Gingerbread Oreos did and I'd simply never be able to embrace the hype.  Then, out of nowhere, there they were, looking directly at me as I walked right past them.

It was my girlfriend that noticed them and now takes credit for this Holidaze post.  She couldn't believe I blew right by them.  But in my defense, I had just found Twinkies a day early and was on a bit of a nerdy high.  My adrenaline was pumping.  You know, the way a boxer or ultimate fighter feels as he makes his way down to the ring?  That's me when I find new junk food at the grocery store.  If you see me in aisle 3, don't mess with me.  I'm an animal, similar to the one from Muppet Babies.

When I opened the bag, I expected to smell a field of lemons, but I didn't.  I didn't feel any emotion at all.  The smelled like regular Golden Oreo Cookies and were bland in appearance.  They look like Ritz Cheese Crackers and I was far from impressed

The creme filling is entirely yellow.  I was expecting a white / yellow combo.  I figured that made more sense for a "lemon twist" flavor, but it's very generic.  So far, there's nothing special about it.  It's a boring representation of a Summer cookie.  Believe me, I'm happy to see these limited editions pop up on shelves.  They're exciting to find, try, and review, but this has been lackluster, thus far.  However, the true review lies in within the flavor so let's see how that makes or break the Lemon Twist Oreo Cookies.

A boring cookie gets a more boring photo.  Sometimes they're pictured outside, other times they're inside on a white background, but this one only gets a napkin.  Besides looking like tiny grilled cheese sandwiches, there's nothing great about this cookie.  It's not that it tastes bad, because it's decent, but calling it "lemon twist" is a bit of a stretch.  After the first bite, the flavor was familiar, but I couldn't figure it out.  After the 2nd, I realized they taste exactly like Froot Loops.  That either means Froot Loops are actually Lemon Loops, or these cookies fail to live up to their name.  If anything, they taste more like Lemon Pledge than any type of actual fruit.  But, to be honest with you, I didn't expect anything more than that.

Lemon Twist Oreos are a novelty item.  Like I said in the Watermelon Oreo review, Nabisco can continue to release these wild and crazy editions because we'll continue to eat them up.  For the most part, they're usually very good, but Lemon Twist is the exception to the rule.  This is a perfect example of Nabisco using the customers' infatuation with novelty junk to their advantage in order to make a quick buck.  But that's okay.  I'd do the same thing.  Nabisco has a great batting average so far so I can accept a few strike-outs here and there.  As long as they don't stop producing these limited-edition seasonal items, they'll always have a geeky customer writing about them.  Just don't bring these back for me.

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