Thursday, August 21, 2014

Root Beer Float Oreo Cookies

You may heard the news that there's a brand new Caramel Apple flavored Oreo cookie hitting shelves as we speak.  That's absolutely amazing and, believe me, that limited-edition flavor will soon be a Fall favorite on The Holidaze, but I'm not quite ready to roll out September and October just yet.  We still have a few more weeks of Summer left and, really, let's not rush it if we don't have to.  It hasn't been the hottest Summer on record, but we'll be shoveling snow and cranking up the heat before we know it so, in the meantime, let's kick back with something cool and refreshing.  

What do I have in mind?

Ohhhh yeahhh, baby!  There aren't many drinks that symbolize and represent hot Summer days on the boardwalk than an ice-cold Root Beer Float.  Man, when I was a kid, my Dad would take me to Dairy Queen on those scorching 95 degree days and we'd both end up choosing a giant Root Beer Float.  It's classic!  We'd take them back to the car, turn up the AC, and enjoy the time together.  My Dad was always more of an Ice Cream fan while I preferred the Root Beer.  There's something about the Ice Cream that makes Root Beer, and soda in general, taste so much better when together.  It's brain-freeze cold, soothing, refreshing, and delicious.  There's a reason why it has stood the test of time and still remains a favorite of all ages.  I haven't had one in a long time, but Nabisco is doing their best to get in on the action.

Root Beer is a popular flavor when it comes to replicating it in other products.  I've had Root Beer flavored jelly beans, vodka, bubble gum, ice pops, milk and cookies.  So, this concept really isn't anything new and was already done by Nabisco before with their Root Beer flavored Chips Ahoy cookies.  However, new or not, it was only a matter of time before we saw Root Beer Float Oreo cookies.  When it became clear that Nabisco was dedicated to continuing their line of limited-edition flavors, I knew we'd eventually see this flavor come to fruition.  Personally, it was one that I'd been waiting for and was happy to finally see come to life.  At this point, Nabisco is becoming predictable and that's making it even more fun.  Caramel Apple was one I assumed we'd see and, I'll go on record right now, Pumpkin Spice won't be too far behind.  I put 5 Holidaze bucks on it!

These Root Beer Float Oreo cookies smell and taste like Root Beer, but they're just not as good as I had hoped.  The flavor is present, but it's dull.  In my opinion, it should be a bit stronger and make more of an impact.  Previous editions have always gone above and beyond in terms of flavor strength.  I think the fact that Oreo cookies are traditionally harder than the soft, chewy Chips Ahoy, it makes them more difficult to appreciate when it comes to this specific flavor.  This one is weaker than what we're used to from Nabisco, but that doesn't mean they're bad.  Don't get me wrong, these are delicious and I put another X in the win column for Nabisco and the Oreo brand.  They're a great snack, just not one that I'd eat a lot of in one sitting.  They're no Fruit Punch Oreo, but they're tasty!

If you're really in the mood to bring your taste buds on a ride, keep your eyes open for another Root Beer flavored product - A&W Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum.  I'm a huuuuge fan of anything soda flavored and I'm all for a Coke/Orange Soda/Dr. Pepper flavored Oreo cookie, but bubble gum has always been soda's tag team partner.  Root Beer bubble gum is nothing new, but it's something I haven't seen in some time and was happy to find.  Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to the Dr. Pepper and Crush flavored Hubba Bubba, also in stores.  However, I do rank the gum higher than the Oreo cookies so take that for what you will.  Regardless, you're not going to go wrong with either of these Root Beer products.  I know I may have painted them in a bad light, but don't take it the wrong way.  These are delicious and the cookies, especially, are worth trying.  If you're a fan of Root Beer and Root Beer Floats, then this is surely something you want to jump all over.  You may not get everything you want from them, but you won't be disappointed!

Get them while you can because, like I said, we only have a few more weeks of Summer left.  Believe it or not, the Fall season begins one month from tomorrow!!  Whoa...


  1. So much root beer flavored stuff this year! I missed out on the root beer cookies you reviewed...maybe Chips Ahoy?...but the mint chocolate were great. Looking forward to all your fall taste tests! Best flavor season, in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just got some at Big Lots. They're yummy! They even tickle my nose like root beer!


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