Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Oreo Cookies

I wasn't planning on writing about Oreo cookies back-to-back, but today this is just too fitting.  In New Jersey, it's well over 90 degrees and feels like 100 on this first day of Summer.  It's the type of day you either go to the beach and relax, or do the same in the cool air of your own air conditioned home.  That is, of course, if you're not trapped inside a stuffy workplace.  But hey, no matter where you are, there's to excuse to no have your own bag of Summer Edition Oreo Cookies with you.  It's a wonderful way to kick off the season.

I had yet to write my first Holidaze entry last Summer, so I'm not sure if these seasonal snacks were available or if they're entirely new.  Did they use the word "Summer" and not include the awesome graphics?  Has that sand castle stood for 365 days or did some little kid just make that in 2012?  Was the creme blue or did they stick with the traditional white?  I couldn't tell you because I honestly wasn't looking for anything I could write about at the time.  However, had I seen these, I know I would have picked them up anyway because.. BLUE Creme!!  That's an instant purchase.  Who doesn't love blue food?  It's the best and this year, it's mine.

Take a look at the beautiful blue color.  Blue isn't my favorite color, (green is) but blue is a close second and this light North Carolina shade is perfect for their Summer edition.  I missed out on the Spring edition, but that's truly because I just didn't want them.  Like these, the Spring edition features the traditional Oreo flavor, but the creme was yellow.  Yellow?  Who wants that?  That's just boring, especially with all the special/limited edition Oreo varieties out right now.  So move over Spring and let the blue days of Summer make their way through.

Just like the Halloween, Winter, and even Spring versions, the Summer edition features five themed designs to go along with the product.  You should be able to see, but if you can't, we have "Beach Day" with a beach chair and umbrella.  "Happy Summer" with palm trees on an island.  "Start The Fun" with a sand castle.  I wonder if the same kid who made the castle on the bag made this one too?  Corny joke alert.  Sound the alarm.  Moving on, we have "Fun Under The Sun" with a.. go figure.. Sun.  But not just any Sun, he's a happy Sun wearing Sunglasses.  That makes no sense if you really think about it, but who doesn't love a smiling, shaded, Sun?  Finally, we have "Sail Into Summer" above a floating sailboat.  They're all amazing and I love how well they represent the time of year, but that has come to be expected with these seasonal cookies.  Nabisco doesn't mess around.  The blue creme can attest to that!

The blue is SO bright!  I love it.  When I was little, I used to always buy the blue raspberry blow pops.  The flavor was great, but had it been a white or purple lollipop, I would have passed and gone with the watermelon.  There's just something about blue colored food that attracts me.  Is it just me, my generation or guys in general?  I'd love to read a scientific study done on the relationship between the colors of food and those who eat them.  There must be a reason why I love blue so much.  When Ketchup was green, my favorite color, it didn't make me want ketchup any more, so why does blue make me want a regular Oreo that much more?  Craziness!

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