Friday, October 5, 2012


Today we're talking about two varieties of "Pops."  One is candy, one is cake.  Other than one word in their names, they have nothing in common.  Although, that's not true, because they're both very tasty and bring us something cool to talk about.  So, let's dive right into it by beginning with Entenmann's.

Last year, I talked about Entenmann's Halloween Donuts.  They were one of my favorite finds from the 2011 Holidaze.  What was so great about them was the fact that their little orange sprinkles actually had an orange flavor.  This was a pleasant surprise and one that I definitely wasn't expecting.  Talk about going the extra mile.

This year, I was looking through the Entenmann's end cap at various grocery stores, but didn't find those Donuts.  This year, it appeared as though they were only carrying the Entenmann's Pumpkin Donuts.  I believe they're also new, but I know I wouldn't like them.  That was a disappointment because I thought they were a huge hit.  Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Path Mark, strike three and I'm out.  But, that was until I wandered through Wal-Mart.  Out of the darkness, the Halloween Donuts appeared and saved the day.  However, as the logo above states, this post isn't about the Donuts.  We did that last year.  Nope, this year, we're talking about..

Entenmann's Halloween Pop 'Ems!  The box is the same as last year and that's great.  For as much as I like seeing new designs, Entenmann's doesn't necessarily need to change anything.  They have the black, they have the orange, they have witches, bats, and pumpkins, and it's just the right amount of gloomy!  I've always loved their stuff.

Now, I decided to go with the Pop 'Ems this year because I wanted to give Holidaze readers something new.  Plus, I tried the donuts last year, these look like miniature versions of the same, and I thought they'd be bite size versions of the flavorful donuts last year.  Assuming they're the same ingredients, this would be great!  The chocolatey orange burst would probably be more impactful than ever before.  This appeared to be the perfect direction.

Open up the box and your nostrils are smacked by that amazing aroma.  It's the type of smell that you know shouldn't make you that happy, but it does and you're not complaining.  It's the type of smell that explains why America has such an obesity problem, but not one that causes you to care much.  You know, as soon as those seams are popped, that this is going to be epic.  It's going to good and it's something you're going to run back to every Halloween.  They say scent is the strongest tie to memory, and I guarantee this will bring you somewhere.  Whether it's 10 years ago or 10 days ago, these Pop 'Ems are going to remind you of something.  And if they don't, they'll bring you back to this year from here on out.  That is, of course, if you embrace the Holidaze and soak it all in.

Smell is only one magnificent aspect of this product.  The visuals are another.  Look at how much that picture pops.  The contrast between black, brown, and orange is the perfect ratio for Halloween.  They're little bite size decorations that, if they wouldn't attract unwanted creatures, I'd put all throughout the house.  Luckily, these are too good to even take that chance.  You can't help but eat them.  They're too enticing and it's sad how much Halloween treats can seduce you.

When I first opened the box, I'll admit, I didn't bite into one of these bad boys.  I was so concerned with taking pictures and getting other things posted that I didn't bother.  However, my girlfriend did and she said "Oh no it's bad luck to open up a box and not try one."  That's not true, but it's pretty funny and I appreciate the use of imagination.  Now, from here on out, I'm standing by that superstition and I want you all to as well.  From now on, it's bad luck to open up any Halloween themed treats without trying them.  I don't care if you just had a three-course meal.  If you pop open a box of Pop 'Ems, you better eat 'em!  Don't be like me.  Don't ignore the little balls of terror.  God only knows what they'll do if they're ignored again.

As you can tell from the photo, I did ultimately give in to the Pop 'Ems and I knew I would.  It's not like I was doing it on purpose.  I'm not trying to watch my weight or anything like that, I just didn't eat them at first.  It's not that I don't love you Pop 'Ems, I just didn't give you the attention you deserve.  See, you have to tell them things like that so they don't attack you in your sleep.  If you think I'm kidding, just look at what I found in my bed last night.

I was able to calm him down and explain that there are no other treats for me, but it wasn't easy.  He appeared to have wolf hands.  The type you'd find in Google images and add to your Pop 'Ems monster.  Yep, he's quite terrifying.  Be careful, friends..

On to the next "Pop" variety we're talking about today, it's the classic Ring Pop!  I've seen this box before, but I didn't pick it up.  In Jersey City, you don't really open the door for Trick-or-Treaters.  It's sad, but there are always the few rotten apples that ruin it for the bunch.  When I was growing up, we would usually travel to my Family's neighborhoods or go away for the weekend.  I hate seeing little kids at my door waiting for candy, but I know if I open the door, 36-year-old men will be knocking next.  Once they know you're home, they won't leave you alone.  You think Michael Myers is scary?  Try 4 grown men asking for free candy.  It puts that Pop 'Em Monster to shame.

So, for that reason, I had no reason to buy a box of Ring Pops.  They're just going to go to waste.  But, this is The Holidaze and I can always find good use for these things.  My thought is either contesting them off to Holidaze readers or giving them to my cousin who is a teacher.  One way or another, this candy will get to those who deserve it, not the rotten apples.

Regardless of where you live, that's a tough box to turn down.  The Ring Pop logo was changed from red to orange.  The Halloween logo is sinister.  Frankenstein is the perfect green for Halloween and he's being struck by lightning.  The best part is that he's not showing a hint of pain whatsoever.  I think he likes it.  All they're doing is charging him up and providing him with more life.  What has gotten into Ring Pop?  They've embraced the Holidaze and don't care how evil Frankie may get with his extra life.  But, really, he's a gentle giant.  Look at his Trick-or-Treat pail.  He means no harm.  He's probably just a 36-year-old bum who wants free candy.  Ahh, it all makes sense.

As I write this, I'm listening to "Feed My Frankenstein" so it's enhancing the Holidaze.  It was a coincidence, but one I'm happy happened.  It's October 5th, man!  We're running out of time and it'll be Halloween before you know it.  I'll have Halloween music on blast for the next three weeks now.  You should too!  Sorry, off topic..

The wrappers are all decked out in their Halloween costumes!  As we all know, there's no better color combo than black and orange for this time of year and, obviously, Ring Pop knows that.  They have this down to a science and have everything popping perfectly.  The spider web is a great touch and I love the way it changes from black to white.

These are definitely some of the coolest wrappers I've seen released and it makes me happy I bought them.  But, there's one thing I notice.  The Ring Pops pictured on on each wrapper haven't changed at all.  They've remained the same.  Like I've said, it's not completely a deal breaker when the product doesn't change as much as the branding, but it would've been nice to see a change in color or, at the very least, a change in flavor title.  It doesn't take much to call it "Hallowgreen" or something stupid like that.  But, it's not a problem.  Traditional Ring Pops taste great and, in this case, for better or worse, that hasn't changed.

The flavors, from left to right, are Watermelon, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry.  All very good!  I haven't opened a Ring Pop in years, but I remember them being a lot bigger.  Actually, that's not true.  My fingers are just a hell of a lot bigger.  It's obvious that this Ring Pops are made for kids because I could barely wrap the ring around my finger.  They're tight, but I made it work.  I didn't finish either of these anyway, I just took three out of the box to show you.

If you open the door for your Trick-or-Treaters and don't have to deal with 6'3 guys in Jason masks, then I definitely recommend these for you.  They taste great, look cool, and the kids will be happy to have them.  But, if you're not going to be opening your door or if you're just looking for something else, then I have something else for you.  Yes, the following was made for the true Halloween fan.  Yes, Ring Pop redeems themselves with this one and officially appeals to everybody who loves the holiday!

This Halloween Ring Pop is an individual 2 Pack and does not come in the Ring Pop box.  This was found for a dollar and, from the image above, appears to be the real deal!  Package is awesome, the flavor, "Screaming Berry," sounds horrific, and those Ring Pop images seem too good to be true.  You're telling me that, when I open this wrapper, I'm going to find two Ring Pops in black and orange?  Get outta heeree!

Boom!! There it is!  Black and orange Ring Pops topped upon black plastic rings!  Wow, I'm in my glory.  Now, we can officially give Ring Pops a round of applause and a pat on the back.  Everything I complained about before can go right out the window because they made up for it all with the individual 2 pack.  You want classic?  Buy the Halloween box.  You want the Holidaze? Buy the 2 pack and find yourself in amazement.  The coolest part is that black is actually black.  It's not a dark blue or purple, it's pitch black!  This is such a cool product and one that will probably fly under the radar.

The flavor tastes very similar to the Blue Raspberry, which would make sense, but I think my love for Halloween has developed a bias because I feel like these taste just a tad bit better.  This is like the grand daddy of all Ring Pops in terms of flavor and no matter how many times people claim, or even prove, that this is the same as Blue Raspberry, I won't believe it.  I'll continue to deny it and stand by the fact that this is a brand new flavor.  This is Screaming Berry and there's nothing like it.  I don't know where Ring Pop found the rare Screaming Fruit to base their formula around, but they did and they should be rewarded with your dollar.  Seriously, you'll enjoy this one.  Even if you're not a fan of the flavor, the visuals are worth the buck.

Now, if you read everything I just wrote, go back and count how many times I wrote the words "Pop," "Pops," "Popped," "Popping," or anything else that involves POP.  Comment or tweet me @HolidazeBlog on Twitter with the answer.  First one to respond will receive the Box of Ring Pops (minus the 3 I opened to review.)  No charge.  Anyone who takes the time to do that deserves the box!


  1. Hi, I came across your blog from The Impulsive Buy and just wanted to say AWESOME site! I love holiday themed candies/snacks and that almost nostalgic/spirited feelings you get from them. Halloween time is my favorite time of the year so i'm glad to see all the pictures on here to give me an idea of whats out there for the 2012 season. Thanks. :D

  2. Hey Ant!
    I'm glad you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy writing about these things. It's always a great time of year because you get to relive things you normally don't. Thanks for sharing the experiences! Appreciate it!

  3. I can only find the orange and black ring pops at Target and I buy them all. Totally better flavor and by far my favorite.


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