Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Cinnamon Rolls

Remember when I said I was going to put up 1 post a day, if not more?  What the heck happened?  Well, I'll tell ya.  I work for the Brooklyn Nets and, for the past 9 days, I've been nothing but busy.  Unfortunately, between work and traveling through the NY Subway system, I've been pretty tired.  I hope you understand that I wanted to post more, and that I'm upset over the fact that so much of the Halloween season was taken away by work, but it has cut into my Holidaze.  On the bright side, I'm back today and I'm hoping to keep this ball rolling straight through Halloween.  Despite my lack of posting, I've been taking pictures and attempting to embrace Halloween as best I could.  Hopefully I'll have a few good posts left before things wrap up in.. believe it or not.. 10 days!!

Today's topic is nothing new, but one of my favorite traditions that wasn't covered last year.  We've all seen the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls at the grocery story.  They're always there, usually at the end, enticing you to heat 'em up and indulge.  If your anything like me, you probably do and, really, who can blame you?  These have always been delicious.  Since I was a kid, I've always loved Cinnamon Rolls.  I remember my Mom making them when I was in grammar school and it was always the highlight of my week.  I could be up to my head in homework, stressing out over who the Power Rangers would be up against next, and my Mom would save the day with Cinnamon Rolls.  To this day, this treat can turn my day around.

Now, white icing is one thing.  But, for Halloween, Pillsbury dies the icing orange!!  The flavor stays exactly the same, but it's orange!  That's it!  That's Halloween and, whenever I can find the Halloween edition, I snatch it up.  Last year, I couldn't.  But if there's one thing working in Brooklyn has brought me, it's these Cinnamon Rolls.  I found these at Path Mark across the street from Barclays Center.  Even when I'm working, I'm thinking Holidaze!

With the lid on, the orange icing looks like orange icing.  It could be so many things.  It could be a toxic ooze from Saturn.  It could be pumpkin blood.  It could even be, ya know, icing!  But, with the cap off?

With the cap off, this just looks like cheese.  It looks like I just stopped into Nathan's and they handed me a cup of cheese for their fries.  Believe me, I spent more than enough time at Seton Hall, where all we had to eat was Nathan's, so I know my melted cheese.  If you didn't know anything about this post, you'd think of nothing else when looking at that picture!

Now, after you start icing the Cinnamon Rolls, they begin to look like cheeseburgers.  So far, you're probably wondering why the hell these things are any good or Halloween related at all.  Justified, but I'm telling you what it looks like, not what it smells like.  Not what it tastes like.  When you bring all of your senses together, you're in Halloween Heaven.  It's the perfect combination for a late night Halloween snack.  Like I said, the white icing is classic, but when you start changing colors, you really add so much to the season.  In fact, I would like to see these released with multiple icing colors.  Maybe some green, purple, or red?  It could lead to so many marketing opportunities as well.  That would be great!

Besides my Freddy Krueger cookie sheet adding more horror to the photos than you'd probably like, these Halloween Cinnamon Rolls look amazing.  I wish I didn't already eat them so I could eat them again.  Look at the 2nd picture above and tell me you're not hungry now.  McDonalds pays big money to get their burgers looking like that.  If only they read the Holidaze and knew to fool you with Halloween Cinnamon Rolls instead.  That's the key!

When they've cooled just a little bit, plate them and prepare to get messy.  Don't eat these if you don't want to get messy because that's the best way to enjoy Halloween Cinnamon Rolls.  As for me, my girlfriend sat down with these, put the lights out, and caught up on two seasons worth of The Walking Dead.  Can you believe a Hallowgeek like me missed that boat?  Where was I?  That show deserves a whole blog, let alone a post, dedicated to it.  But now, thanks to Netflix and these Cinnamon Rolls, I'm all caught up and ready for tonight.  

Hopefully you're all still with me here.  I know I've missed a few days, but I love writing in this blog and talking about Halloween so I'll do my best to make the last 10 days worth your couple of minutes.  So stay tuned!


  1. Aww man, i looked for these last year and couldn't find them. They continue to elude me this year too :(

  2. And I can't believe you haven't been watching The Walking Dead all this time!


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