Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween is Over?

It's unfortunate, but the Halloween Holidaze did not end the way I wanted it to.  Due to Hurricane Sandy, I was left without power in Jersey City.  Believe me, that is nothing compared to the damage Sandy inflicted on the Jersey Shore, Queens, Manhattan, Hoboken, and Staten Island.  There are people left without homes and, in the worst cases, there are those who lost loved ones.  Going through 7 days without the capabilities of posting a blog about Halloween is, understandably, the least of anybody's concerns.

For the rest of the country, Halloween went as planned.  I was fortunate enough to enjoy the weekend prior to October 31st, but we were hit that Monday and, for the first time in my life, Halloween was officially canceled.  There was nothing we could do and canceling was the right thing to do.  To make it up to the kids and 25-year-old nerds, Governor Christie reschedule Halloween for yesterday, November 5th.  That would have been great if I had any way of enjoying it.  I was working and completely missed out on the second Halloween of 2012.  It's not that bad, really, because I start celebrating so early anyway.  But, I still refuse to accept that Halloween is over.  How could it be?

I didn't watch any Halloween or Friday the 13th movies, I didn't make any Halloween cupcakes, and I barely lived up the last two weeks of October.  Nope, sorry Sandy, Halloween isn't over until I say it is.  I have a few more posts left in the arsenal.  And since I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas, I'm going to extend Halloween even further!

I understand if my Holidaze readers don't want to take part in any more of the season.  If you were able to enjoy the day in peace, you may be ready to move on from Halloween and on to Thanksgiving.  But if you want to enhance the Holidaze and make it longer, join me in saying "Screw you, Sandy" and get ready for a few more Holidaze posts.  I promise I'll throw 'em all at ya quick and fast so we can put this one behind us and get ready for another.


  1. Glad you're okay. I'll be around for any posts you have planned. :)

  2. I may have my cemetery taken down, but the apothecary is still up in my kitchen. Halloween is not over yet, bring on your posts!!!

    Glad that you're OK after the storm. My heart goes out to all those affected.

  3. This was totally the Year Without a Halloween (in October!). There was a death in my family right before Halloween and it just wasn't the same on October 31. Plus there were no trick or treaters here, and I got covered up with work. In fact my Halloween decorations are still up! But I'm hoping tomorrow is my own personal Halloween. Plan to watch my favorite movies ("The Nightmare Before Christmas" and Disney's Ichabod Crane); bake some awesome Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies I got on sale (ghost!), and have a Happy Halloween. Looking forward to any new posts you may have!

  4. I appreciate the well wishes and look forward to bringing at least two or three more posts to the Holidaze before switching over to the next phase. Appreciate the support as well.

    Jo, I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family. I've experience the feeling far too often in my young life and it's not easy. You're spot on about the "Year Without a Halloween." Definitely felt that way. I hope The Holidaze was able to help in whatever little way it could and I hope you enjoyed your own personal Halloween. Sounds like a great time!

  5. Glad to hear you are ok! I live in Massachusetts and we didn't have it nearly as bad as you guys in PA, NJ and NY. But my thoughts are with everyone affected.

    Sorry it put a damper on Halloween for you. But I will check in for your remaining Halloween posts. Halloween should never be over until you are ready for it to be.

  6. Thank you! Since I celebrate Halloween so early, it didn't affect too much, but the day itself never happened. It really affected the blog more than anything because I was saving the last few posts for the last few days of October. But, they're going up now and as long as they're out there, I'll call this Halloween, overall, a success :)


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