Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween Milk

It's November 10th and we're still talking about Halloween.  And really, why not?  So many people throughout the country have been affected in so many different ways this Halloween.  Between now and Thanksgiving, there's nothing but a lull anyway.  Sure, there are some who have already embraced the Christmas season and have moved past spooky things.  But, for others, this is down time before we feast.  So, again, due to my own personal circumstances and those who missed out on Halloween, we're gonna keep on truckin'.  I have at least two more quality posts to write before we put this season to bed.  With Thanksgiving only 12 days away, and Christmas right around the corner, that should bridge nicely between one Holidaze and another.

Seasonal milks seem to be the new fad as of recently.  Last year, we found the Red Velvet Holiday milk at Target.  Now this year, we find TruMoo Holiday milk at Wal-Mart in both Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.  There are two cool aspects to these.  First, the label art is great!  TruMoo could have gone with a more "Fall" approach and last on shelves longer, but they chose "Halloween" and that couldn't be any more perfect.  Not only did they make a ghoulish logo for "TrueMoo," but they made two separate labels for each flavor.  So Vanilla features a spooky pumpkin and tombstone, while chocolate brings us the haunted house, ghost, and "No Trespassing" type sign.

But the coolest part?  The fact that Vanilla TruMoo is colored Orange.  That's enough!  That was the selling point for me!  Had it been white, I would have kept walking.  But they did a great job.

Now, in the past, I've complained about the lack of decorative Halloween boxes from Kellogg's.  It's not because I hate Kellogg's, it's just that I know what they're capable of and hate seeing the holidays go to waste.  Throw a mask on Tony the Tiger, and we're good to go.  Add in a few Halloween marshmallows, and I'm set for a season.  

Last year, I didn't find any Halloween cereal boxes from Kellogg's, but this year is a different story.  Pictured above, we have plain old regular Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies, but they're in their Halloween costumes for the year!  The graphics are awesome and even if they didn't add in any special treats, it's good enough.  Especially when you want to add your Halloween Milk into Halloween Cereal.  See where I'm going with this?

Rice Krispies in Orange Vanilla TruMoo Milk tastes a lot better than it looks.  It looks like the milk went bad or, at the very worst, that you're about to eat chunky vomit.  Sorry for the graphic detail, but believe me, it's really good!  It may not look like your typical bowl of cereal, but who wants that on Halloween, anyway?  Throw some orange in there and change it up.  Look for this next year and give it a try!

This one really didn't make any difference.  Chocolate milk definitely have a different taste than that of regular milk or even the milk that becomes chocolate by the time you're done with Cocoa Krispies, but it wasn't very noticeable.  I guess you could say it tasted much more chocolatey from the start, rather than the bowl progressing as time goes on, but either way, it's really good.  Plus, it looks dark and evil like that haunted house on the label so that helps.

My only regret was not mixing the orange milk in with the chocolate Cocoa Krispies.  How did I overlook that?  Even if that tasted like garbage, that makes for the perfect Halloween color combo!  I'll have to remember to up my game next year!


  1. Aww I would've gone straight for the orange! I never saw orange milk around here or else I really would have. I am guessing a vanilla milk-Cocoa Krispies mix would very much *not* taste like garbage! This cereal stuff makes me seriously wish I'd picked up some Count Chocula (although I really think Cocoa Krispies taste better). Somehow Count Chocula was the Halloween standard for me. Speaking to your Red Velvet milk,! I got hooked on that last year, and there's actually some in the fridge right now, thanks to pumpkin spice milk/red velvet milk/eggnog/boiled custard coming out in September-October this year! I was so pleased with how much it actually tasted like red velvet cake. Last week I made "red velvet pudding" using it. I even noticed eggnog from a local dairy with a spooky Halloween label, which I don't remember seeing last year. It seems the lines may be blurring with what products are associated with what holidays. I remember being in the grocery store on Christmas Eve last year and seeing Cadbury eggs. Then I seem to remember some sort of Cadbury egg in a Halloween shape this year? It's been a few weeks and the details are fuzzy.

    :) Thanks for another great post!

  2. I'm not sure how the Cocoa Krispies would have tasted in the Vanilla milk, to be honest. The Vanilla milk was very strong, almost tasted like Muscle Milk without the strong protein flavor, so it could have gone either way. If I find it again next year, I have to give it a chance.

    I agree that lines seem to be blurring. I think companies are beginning to realize that some people (like me) will buy just about anything if it's put in cool holiday packaging. Eggnog has become synonymous with Christmas, but the fact that you found it with a Halloween label is a perfect indication that things may be changing. Indeed, Cadbury "Screme" Eggs were released this year and featured a green ooze filling. As long as people are spending money, I don't see any end in sight for these various products. No complaints here, though.

    Thanks for reading!


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