Tuesday, May 14, 2013

4th of July - "Zombie Holidaze"

This is always the time of year where things die down.  But, it's also the calm before the storm.  We're just months away from September, the Halloween season, and this blog picking up again.

I wish I could motivate myself to stay on top of The Holidaze throughout the entire year.  It's always my plan.  I always intend on keeping it up and, even now, as I type this, I get a thrill from knowing these words will reach hundreds of people around the world.  It's not a huge site, by any means, but it's fun and I do enjoy it.

But what can you do to celebrate May?  I'm not going to go out and spend all my money on Mothers Day presents.  I don't think there's any interest in that, here.  June is pretty dull, despite the incredible heat making its way into my life.  July is something, though.  We have the 4th of July and that usually brings some cool stuff.  We get those Red, White, and Blue Chips Ahoy cookies and that always makes my month.

But is there anything else we can do to celebrate?  Well, allow me to introduce to you - the first in my line of Holidaze T-Shirts "Zombie Holidaze"

I love zombies as much as I love Halloween and, believe me, that's a whole lotta love to go around.  While talking to Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, he suggested that I use TeeSpring.com to display my art and see if their is any interest.  If there is, I'd love to continue this line featuring Zombies on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc..  It would make a cool line of Zombie Holidaze T-Shirts!

But, they only get made with YOUR help!

So, if you're interested.. go to http://teespring.com/ZombieHolidaze4thofJuly and reserve your "Zombie Holidaze" T-Shirt NOW!!

Thank you, in advance :)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see ya back! It'll be Halloween-time before long and the return of all things creepy and spooky!


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