Saturday, August 31, 2013

Candy Corn M&M's

Last year, I heard all about Candy Corn M&M's.  I saw them, I picked them up, and read the bag.  It clearly said "white chocolate" M&M's.  I thought, if these are just a collection of M&M's that I can get at any time of year, seasonally colored to represent candy corn, then it's not worth buying to try and write about.

But soon after I passed up on the M&M's, I read various reviews that described the flavor and they believed they were actually candy corn flavored.  Well now we're talking.  This year, I wasn't going to let others describe and review for me, I was going to do that myself.  Luckily, I found a tiny bag at Michael's Craft Store and was able to pick it up for cheap.

One thing I never discounted last year was the bag design.  On both the large and small bags, they went all out as they usually do with their seasonal M&M's.  Of course, they went with the obvious color scheme of yellow, white, and orange.  I wouldn't expect anything different, but the fact that they dressed the red M&M in a candy corn costume is pretty cool.  We all know this guy.  He's been in 100s of commercials and he's quite the complainer.  It seems like he's never happy.  But somehow, they convinced him to put this costume on and act like he's proud to be laying in an M&M ball pit.  He's even throwing up the RVD thumb as if to say "Yeah, check me out, ladies."  They must have paid him in gum.

You'd probably notice the size of these M&M's first, but I want you to notice the fact that I flipped every M&M over to be M-Side Up.  That's dedication to The Holidaze, so lie and tell me you noticed that first, okay?

Second, you'll notice the strong scent of sugar once you rip this open.  It kinda smells like cake frosting battling with the stronger scent of vanilla extract.  It's strong, but I like it.

Lastly, before you try one, you have to respect the colors.  Comparing these M&M's to candy corn is easy, but they're perfect for fall as well.  Besides brown, I can't think of three better colors to pour in a bowl and display on your table as a decorative item.  You don't even have to be a fan of Halloween or candy corn, you just have to enjoy the season itself.  And if you don't like Fall, then I have no idea how you stumbled on this site.

Okay, now for the reason behind purchasing these suckers at all - the taste!!  I gotta be honest, all I'm tasting is white chocolate.  I've seen a dozen sites saying that they taste candy corn, but I'm really pushing it if I say I do, too.  I mean, you might get a hint of it every now and then, but I truly feel like I'm tricking myself into believing it.  A lot of people have said "Yeah, it's white chocolate and candy corn combined."  I'll take your word for it and, if that's the case, then I now know what those two flavors taste like when put together, but I can't make the same claim.  

Regardless of what I taste, you taste, I think, or you think, these M&M's are still very good and they're worth buying for the colors and design alone.  I didn't think so last year, but I've had a change of heart after writing about them.  If not for the season, I'd probably avoid them and stick with the classics, but I can't turn down Halloween candy two-years in a row.  Now, from what I'm hearing, there are new pumpkin spice M&M's out for 2013 and those I'll have to try.  I've been on the lookout, but no luck just yet.  When it comes to stocking shelves, stores have been slower than ever.  But soon, Halloween will strike and strike hard.  Until then, go ahead and pick these up.  I'm curious to see what you think.


  1. I actually love these M&M's, although I hate candy corn--blasphemy I know. To me they taste like frosting and are VERY sweet, almost sickeningly so. So I can only eat them in small doses-which I guess is a good thing if I don't want to be wearing an XXL Halloween costume this year. Lol But I do enjoy them. I just can only take a handful of them at a time.

    I found the pumpkin spice M&M's in my local Target. They also had tons of last year's elusive Candy Corn Oreos so I grabbed those too. You're right, a lot of stores are really slow with Halloween merch. Target has really been sluggish so I was surprised to see these few goodies. They were mixed in with the regular stuff so look closely next time you go.

  2. I nearly bought a pack of 'em at CVS earlier today because they were the only Halloween offerings they had available. Now that I know that they're white chocolate, I'm probably gonna have to just pass. So not a fan.

  3. Yeah I noticed they're really the only consistent thing around, too. I thought they were very white chocolate-y, but people tend to taste the candy corn. I didn't think so, but I don't blame you for passing them up of you don't like white chocolate. Definitely a strong flavor.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. They're very sweet and I don't think anybody can eat these in bunches. I'm glad to hear you enjoy them, though.

    It's also very cool that you found the pumpkin spice M&M's. I'll have to check again. I'm probably less of a fan of pumpkin than you are of candy corn, so I understand all about the blasphemy haha. But I've been trying to acquire the taste and try as much as possible. They're on the list. The Candy Corn Oreos seem to be more available, too. I've seen them a few times. They just need to get the rest of the stuff out there!

  5. These never appealed to me since I don't like candy corn. The pumpkin spice, however, I want to try. But I was just in Target yesterday and saw no Halloween candy out, which was disappointing.

  6. Yeah I'm surprised so many stores have been late with their stocking, this year. I get that it's only September 1st, but there are so many people out there looking for stuff already. I'd be all over it if I managed a Target or Walgrees. Hopefully we'll see more this week.


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