Friday, December 20, 2013

Chips Ahoy Holiday Cookies

Well, Christmas is only 5 days away and I've hardly posted at all this holiday season.  Believe me, I tried.  I have a bunch of junk sitting in my kitchen that will probably never see the light of technological day.  But like I've said before, work is obviously my top priority and for as much as I would like this to be more than just a hobby, it unfortunately is nothing more.  Since my last post, I've worked over 134 hours and slept the rest away.  Needless to say, my own holiday season took a major hit, but cue the annoying Rebecca Black song because "It's Friday.. Friday.." and I wanna get down on The Holidaze!

These Chips Ahoy Holiday Cookies aren't anything new.  In fact, I can't remember a Christmas season without them and, for that reason, they're tradition.  There's just something about a bag of cookies, decked out in their best holiday outfit, that screams Christmas and enhances the season.  There are so many ways to go with the package design.  Red bag, green bag, gold bag, you name it.  But I like that they went with a classic white bag covered in light blue snowflakes because it makes everything else pop off the bag.  Most importantly, the logo and "Holiday" text need to be displayed and they are, perfectly.

As a kid, I was a big fan of and lured in by package design, I just didn't know it at the time.  Kids are attracted to shiny objects and bright colors.  They like anything that stands out and is different than the everyday products they're used to.  To this day, I swear that's why I became so obsessed with TMNT figures - the box art!  As an adult, I'm still just as attracted as I ever was, but I'm now aware of the fact that I'm being lured in by pretty designs and change in appearances.  Let's face it, there's nothing different about this cookie other than a bag and the red & green candy coated chips.  But do I want it? Oh hell yeah and that's exactly why Chips Ahoy placed their cookie so prominently on the bag.  Stupid kids, right?

I always have Halloween and Christmas battle it out for Holidaze supremacy but, in the case of Chips Ahoy cookies, I think Christmas steals the battle.  There's just something about a bag of chocolate chip cookies that represents the season so well.  After all, Santa doesn't come around looking for Candy Corn or Frankenberry, he wants cookies and lots of them.  If they're baked, fresh out from the oven and warm, then even better.  I think that's at least an extra four presents.  With this full bag, there's no way you're making the naughty list - just be sure to share with the man in red.

When it comes to holiday packaging, I honestly couldn't care less about what holiday they're celebrating, representing, or targeting.  I'm not one of those guys who believes religion should be ignored or prohibited, but I also understand why so many companies choose to be less specific.  So, when I saw the big "Merry Christmas" in the top right corner, I was surprised.

Then, I looked even closer and found "Happy Hanukkah."  I think that's absolutely awesome.  Instead of ignoring the two major holidays, Nabisco chose to celebrate them both and incorporate their traditional colors.  For somebody like me, who hates seeing the religious aspects of this season ignored, it means a lot to see them supported and recognized.  Good for you, Nabisco.  But those Kwanza peeps are going to be maaaaad!

Quick post, but anything I have left in the tank between now and Christmas probably will be, too.  I just don't have the time.  I have family parties, shopping to be done, wrapping, and my own personal Christmas traditions.  You know how it is!  It's a busy busy time of year!  But hopefully I can provide you with a few more posts featuring a whole lot of useless information.  Until next time, go buy these Chips Ahoy cookies and celebrate as many holidays as you can with every bite.


  1. Christmas cookies everywhere! Have you seen or tried the Pillsbury break and bakes, with red and green chips, maybe peppermint? I saw them in the case tonight with those pumpkin cream cheese cookies I bought after reading your review this year and loved a little too much!

  2. If they released Kwanza cookies I would ONLY buy and serve those.

  3. Haha they would be pretty awesome!

  4. Ya know, I don't think I have seen those! They sound great! Between now and Christmas, I'll probably be eating way too many cookies so I'll be on the lookout for those!


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