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The Secret Adventures of Louie V

Blogging can be a rewarding hobby, especially on The Holidaze, because it's all about having fun, enjoying the simpler things in life, and reminiscing on the old times that have helped shape today.  Even more so, writing for a world of strangers can lead to very cool friendships and introductions, even if they are all digital and technological.  Thanks to this blog and the power of social media, I was able to connect with a great children's author who has written a series of books to entertain kids who have always wondered - what do our pets really do when we're not at home?  Ya know what, include this 26-year-old in her target market.

I get a lot of requests from those who have come across The Holidaze and they usually involve me promoting their product to the people who know, love and trust my site.  95% of the time, I turn down whatever they're offering because I have to really like something - or at least the idea of something - before I share it with my readers via The Holidaze, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  But when Tracey emailed me and told me about her books, I was intrigued by the story.  I immediately Googled the product and thought, wow, this is cool and promptly emailed her back.  Needless to say, I love her books and that's why they're being shared with all of you!

In this particular story, "Louie V Trims the Tree," we follow Louie V, the lovable Siamese Cat, on his Christmas adventure.  After being told to behave, Louie V's owner leaves him alone in a house filled with Christmas goodies and decorations.  For anybody who loves the holiday, you can only imagine how hard it would be to sit tight and not take a peak at the various Christmas items placed throughout the rooms.  Now imagine how hard it would be for the curious cat!  What ever will he do?

Of course, the last thing I want to do is spoil the story, but let's just say - Louie V finds as much enjoyment from the holidays as we do! Oh yeah, I think it's safe to say he's in a "Holidaze!"

The story and writing are superb for children of all ages.  As I was reading the Christmas tale, I thought of what it would be like to be a young elementary student, again.  When I was a kid, the last week of school before Christmas break was always dedicated to holiday movies and books.  If we weren't watching "Home Alone," we were being told a story by our teacher.  Of course, the best ones were those that had great illustration to go along with the words.  As every page ended, she'd turn the book around to show us exactly what was going on.  That's why this book is so great.  This is the type of story I'd want to be told in school and, fittingly enough, Tracey has traveled to countless schools and has done just that.  Not to mention, she met the Goo Goo Dolls.  If you think I'm jealous, just imagine what Louie V was doing while she was reading with Rock Stars!

In a way, I compare this - and the other two tales - to "Toy Story."  Growing up, I used to think about what my wrestling figures were doing when I left them all alone.  In my head, I knew they were sitting in a bin, but my heart told me they were training.  I liked to believe they were preparing for the next match I put them in, as if I were a real-life Vince McMahon and they wanted to impress me.  Much like Andy had no idea that Woody and Buzz were pint-sized heroes, we have no idea what Louie V is doing when we think he's laying on the couch.  Is he really sleeping the day away, or is he getting caught up and tangled in the Christmas tree?  We don't know, but "Louie V Trims the Tree" allows our imaginations to run wild and brings out the child in all of us.  Sure, we all have to mature (at least a little ;) but who says we have to grow up?

Included in the book is a "Louie V Trims the Tree" Christmas ornament featuring the cover art.  Also on the front page, was Tracey Delio's signature and paw print stamp.  With any book, it's always cool having the author's signature on the front page and I'd like to thank Tracey for signing it.  Very nice surprise!  I know there was a great deal of time and effort that went into the story, so it means much more when you have that hard worker put their name on the front page!

In the package I received from Tracey, I also found this little guy - my very own Louie V!!  For as awesome as the stories are, this was definitely the cherry on top.  In my opinion, every great character should be brought to life in one way or another.  Whether it's a stuffed animal, action figure, doll, or pillow, the best deserve to be held and played with.  Now, whenever this Louie V stuffed animal is left alone, ya gotta wonder what's going on.  If it wasn't like "Toy Story" before, it certainly is now :)

The first and second books from Tracey's collection are just as good and should certainly be picked up.  If you're interested, you can head on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Tracey's site and purchase all 3 stories for $30!  For another $10, you can also buy your very own Louie V plush!  If you have kids, or just feel as though you're a kid at heart (like me:) then you will absolutely love these stories!  And believe me, I wouldn't promote anything on The Holidaze if I didn't think it was worth your time and money!

However, around this time of year, we're all a little strapped for cash and may not have the money to spend on a book or three just because a blogger told you to.  I get it, and that's why I'm giving these away!!  Yep, you read that right, the first-ever Holidaze contest begins now.  Just as Tracey sent these wonderful items to me, I'm going to pay it forward and send them to somebody else.  I don't have kids and, for as much as I love acting like one, I think these should go to somebody who can share them with little ones.  So if you have a kid, know a kid, are a kid, or want to be a kid, get entered and win yourself the following:

"The Secret Adventures of Louie V"
"Louie V Takes the Cake"
"Louie V Trims the Tree" signed by Tracey Delio
"Louie V Trims the Tree" Christmas Ornament
The Louie V Plush Stuffed Animal

So, how do you win all of the above? Simple!

Simply Follow and Like The Holidaze on Twitter and Facebook ,
then RT or Share anything I post about "The Secret Adventures of Louie V."

I'll keep a tally on everybody who RT's and Shares, then randomly select 1 lucky winner.  1 of you may enter, or 1,000 of you may.  Regardless, somebody is going to end up enjoying these stories as much as I did!

Winner will be selected on December 14th, 2013!  Good luck!

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