Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

September and October are always my favorite months to write for The Holidaze.  There's a whole bunch of candy, junk, and fun events to cover that I just get lost in the sensation of it all.  Then, once it all comes to a rapid conclusion, I tend to lose my passion and overlook Christmas.  Thankfully, 2013 was different and I managed to get a few posts up and, overall, they were a lot of fun.  But because of my recent track record, I honestly didn't expect myself to write very often after New Year's Eve.  Even I figured, oh well, this is the time of year when Cliff checks out and leaves the tens of readers hanging.  In my unjustified defense, there's usually not much to talk about.  But this year is going to be different!  Like I said in my last post (and this past Summer,) 2014's goal is to make, and do, something to talk about and share it here on the site.  Plus, 8 days into the year and we're already seeing awesome new products, especially in the cereal aisle!  That's what we're talking about today!

Poppin' Pebbles Cereal!!

The power of social media is second to none and thanks to my buddy Chase, this brand new variety of Fruity Pebbles was brought to my attention.  While I've had my eyes on a few other cereal releases, to hopefully be discussed later, I somehow overlooked Poppin' Pebbles and almost missed out on such a cool concept.  Chase came up clutch with a  great find and an even better Instagram share which led me to scour the stores for this insanely creative box art.  Bam Bam and Pebbles popping pebbles?  I'll take that over Miley popping Mollies any day of the week.  But, alas, I came up short and couldn't find it.

Then, last night, my girlfriend texts me and says she has a surprise on the table for when I get out of work.  So many things ran through my mind, and cereal wasn't very high on the list of expectations, but man was I happy.  Definitely happier than a grown man should be over a hot pink cereal box, but not to the point where I care about being judged.  Do so if you must, but It's cereal that fizzes in your mouth!  Whaat?

Unlike Fruity Pebbles cereal, which is a favorite of mine, Poppin' Pebbles isn't rainbow colored.  Purple and pink are the primary Poppin' Pebbles colors and I'm so happy to have just been that alliterative.  I'm like the Jay-Z of cereal reviews and candy news.  Oh snap!  Okay, if I can be serious for a moment, I love the brightness and shades of colors incorporated here.  If they had waited another month to release this cereal, It could have easily passed for a Limited Valentine's Day Edition.  It's perfect for February 14th and I may just hold on to some for a future post.  Regardless, the berry flavored grains aren't what attracts me to this cereal and it's definitely not what kids will remember this for.  Nope, this is all about the little green balls of fizz!

I really like the berry taste because it reminds me of a lighter Boo Berry, but those green balls are amazing.  It's like the Green Goblin invaded Bedrock and dropped bombs on Fred and Barney for our edible enjoyment.  Does that make sense?  Nope, not at all, but when you put these in your mouth and bite down, you'll know exactly what I mean.  These things explode and pop like miniature Pop Rocks.  The more you chew them, the stronger and more intense they become.  I let the oats sit there and bounce around as if there were a tiny ice storm in my mouth.  Combine it with berry flavored Pebbles and you've got a hit on your hands.

There are not many Poppin' Pieces in the box of cereal, but no less than there are marshmallows in a box of Yummy Mummy.  You don't want an overload because these things are really strong and too many would ruin the magic.  The berry cereal is very good and just a few small bombs are enough to give you the best of both worlds.  I was very happy with the amount found in the box and I think kids will be, too.  I'm sure will be that one 8-year-old rebel who pours nothing but Poppin' Pieces into his bowl but.... actually, that's not a bad idea.  Leave it to the 26-year-old to think that's a good idea.  I'm not going to do it, but it'll make a memory for somebody and that's what I love about this Poppin' Pebbles cereal.  This is one that children are going to remember.  One day, when they're all grown up, two kids from today are going to talk and strike up a conversation about Poppin' Pebbles cereal.  "Ohh man, remember that?  Remember how they popped in your mouth?"  Embrace moments like this because they become the moments like that.  Makes this cereal worth every penny.


  1. New Year's Resolution - eat a bowl of all Poppin' Pieces.


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