Monday, February 17, 2014

42 Signs You're a Wrestling Fan

As I've mentioned here before, I grew up and still am a huge wrestling fan.  If you care to look back on my love for the world of professional wrestling, here's a bit of a background, including the time I got to meet Stone Cold Steve Austin and go to dinner with The Rock.  They're highlights of my life and it's a blast looking back on the memories and making new ones in the present, but we all know that professional wrestling is meant to be fun.  For that reason, lots of wrestling fans become the butts of jokes and get made fun of for their passion.  Let's face it, some do take their love a bit too far and take the predetermined world of entertainment too seriously.  I'll admit, at times, I've been there and have certainly marked out over surprise returns and turns.  I guess we all have and that's why there are so many "Signs You're a Wrestling Fan" lists out there.  I've read them, they're funny, and they usually relate to me in one way or another.  To celebrate President's Day, Monday Night Raw and the launch of the WWE Network on 2/24, I wanted to come up with The Holidaze's list of signs.  I've written 42 of them and, yes, a few of these apply to me directly at one point in my life or another.  Whether you watch wrestling every week, haven't in years, or never did and don't plan to, this list is for you.  It opens up a window of laughter, regardless of where you stand on men in spandex tights.

The Holidaze: 42 Signs You're a Wrestling Fan




  1. Hilarious list and so spot on! I still think that if I am somewhere and the lights go out all of a sudden "GONG GONG".

  2. Haha right?! And only wrestling fans could understand that! Whenever there's been a power outage at home, my first thought is always The Undertaker, as sad as that may actually be lol!

  3. "I hope I don't get choke slammed"


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