Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cherry Valentines Day M&M's

If there's one brand of candy that you can count on during the holiday seasons, it's M&M's.  The funny part is I'm not even a big fan of M&M's candy, but can't resist the various flavors that hit the shelves every few months.  Even if it's a taste that I'm not necessarily fond of, I pick up a bag and waste my money anyway, just to say I tried them.  Seriously, 95% of the bag sits there in my kitchen or in a bowl and never gets touched.  Once they're photographed and tasted for The Holidaze, they've served their purpose and can rest in peace.

Unlike many of the limited-editions I buy, Cherry M&M's was one that actually interested me.  It's rare that cherry and chocolate don't work out well together, so I assumed this would be a hit.  The package design, like all varieties of M&M's, is superb.  There's are friend Red again, sporting a bow tie and jacket, bringing you a big box of chocolates and two giant cherries.  Not sure what they represent, but my dirty mind thinks something other than these M&M's.  I mean, just look at the grin on his face - he's got something up his sleeve as he prepares for the big night.

To nobody's surprise, the Cherry M&M's are red and dark red.  We'll call it maroon to avoid any confusion, but the two colors are more than appropriate for the season and flavor.  I would have accepted green to represent the cherry stem, but then you're entering Christmas territory and this separates itself from the rest and symbolizes Valentine's Day as it should.  Besides the color, the smell is overwhelming.  I've review a few of these holiday bags over the years and, without a doubt, this was the strongest scent to fly out from the bag since I started.  It's sweet, strong and seductive.  Okay, maybe not seductive, but I needed a third "S" word to make that sound better.  Smelly would have been a turn off.

The inside is traditionally chocolate with a hint of cherry.  Actually, scratch that, a hint is undermining the amount of impact that this cherry flavor brings.  It's a smack in the face and that will lead to differing opinions.  I've had a few people give this bag a taste test and, so far, the reviews are mixed.  Even my own opinion isn't official yet.  I've had at least 6 since I opened the bag and I can't figure out if I like them or not.  One second I love them, but the next I can't stand them.  If that doesn't sum up Valentine's Day, then what else does?  But seriously, when it's good, I get a taste of Cherry Tootsie Pops which is awesome.  But, when it's bad, it's more like Cherry Nyquil and that isn't so great.  So this one is a bit up in the air and I think the only way to get a true review is for you to make the decision yourself.  I do recommend the Cherry M&M's, at least to try during this season, but I can't promise that you'll like them.

Here's another heart made from Cherry M&M's.  Because I go from having no time to having too much time on my hands.

Check back later today for another batch of M&M's - Red Velvet!


  1. Not a fan of cherry flavor anything (reminds me too much of cold medicine) so I will not be picking these up. Looking forward to your red velvet M&M's review. I bought them and kind of liked them but the rest of the bag has been sitting there for a couple of weeks untouched.

    I get such high excitement for seasonal M&M's flavors and then the excitement fades and I am left with like 15almost full bags of them.

    Anyway glad to see you back for some Vday posts. Not a fave holiday of mine, it's just ok, but it is still a holiday nonetheless. Good excuse to eat some fancy schmancy chocolates though.

  2. Perfect analogy for Valentine's Day! Like Maria W. below, I'm not a fan of cherry, although I am glad you reviewed this and also think that the addition of green here would've harkened back to Santa Claus. Red velvet, however?!! Can't wait for that review! PS: nice visual there at the end. :)

  3. Definitely has the taste of cold medicine at times so I don't blame you for skipping these. I'm like you - they always just sit there. I have at least 5 bags that I can see as I type this and I can bet that they'll most likely get thrown out before anybody else eats them. Just the way it goes sometimes. I wish they'd make smaller packs, but of course they'd lose money if they made it that easy on us.

    Thanks for reading. Believe me, I'm not the biggest V-Day fan either, but wanted to make the most of it on The Holidaze this year. We can always use a good excuse, right? lol


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