Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Musketeers - MuskeFEARS

When it comes to Halloween candy, it's just as critical to stand out as it is to taste good.  In fact, I may even argue that the latter is even more important because appearance has advanced influence in my decision-making.  During this time of year, I expect companies to go all-out and dress to impress.  By that, I mean I want to see something new.  I want to see new packaging, limited edition boxes, flavors, and designs.  It's all about exciting the consumer through all five of their senses.  Yes, traditional candy is great, but why should I indulge in the basics when they're available year-round?  No, acquiring my hard-earned cash is going to require some effort and when I recognize that you've gone that extra mile, I guarantee I'll lay my money on the table.  This year, 3 Musketeers has scored on every level and deserves your bottom dollar!

Using a clever play on words, the good folks at Mars proudly bring us 3 Musketeers - MUSKEFEARS!!  Not only do I love and appreciate the name, but I have fallen even harder for that packaging!  The spider webs, the contrast between white and silver, and the way that crimson red color pops off the bag all scream Horror.  This is exactly what we should be looking for when scouring the aisles for Halloween candy.  This is the type of chocolate you want to purchase and hand out to as many trick-or-treaters that come your way.  Not necessarily for the flavor, but for what they symbolize!

As expected, this time of year belongs to the fun sized bars.  For as much as I'd like to walk around with a full sized Muskefears bar, showing off my shimmering bling, the smaller variety bridges the gap between grown nerds who blog about Halloween and the children whom these were actually meant for.  If I was out on Halloween, knocking door to door in search of a sugary overdose, these 3 Musketeers Muskefears bars would likely top the charts by the end of the night.  If not for the incredible designs, then definitely for what lies beneath that silky milk chocolate.  Oh yes, ladies and germs, the main event is always best and saved for last.

I'll pretend as though you didn't already see this coming, but that classic 3 Musketeers nougat featuring the same great taste also includes an added bonus that changes the game - Spooky Red Nougat!!!  Are you kidding me?  As soon as I read that, I knew this candy would go down as one of 2015's best!  Without crossing the imaginary line, 3 Musketeers implies that these bars are filled with blood.  They can call it what they want - spooky, creepy, frightening - whatever they'd like - but I'm reading between the lines.  I see all three of those Musketeers winking at us as they raise their blood drenched swords in sweet jubilation.  Regardless of whatever politically correct name Mars needs to attach to this candy, we all know this is meant to be blood.  If I'm lying, then why is Michael Myers covered in splatter? Muskefears made a bloody mess and I love it!

I give 3 Musketeers Muskefears bars a 9 /10.  The reason for no touchdown?  Well, I don't necessarily care for 3 Musketeers' flavor when compared to brands like Milky Way or Snickers.  If not for that bloody nougat, I'd have no interest in this candy as a stand-alone.  But, for what Mars has done in terms of branding and creating an unbelievable Halloween product, they deserve your respect and admiration.  Round of red-handed applause!

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