Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Entenmann's Pumpkin Muffins

We say it every year, but it really seems like everything is pumpkin flavored by the time October rolls around.  Cupcakes, cookies, cereal - you name it - it's pumpkin flavored.  For years, that's meant bad news for yours truly because I have hated pumpkin flavored anything.  Thankfully, as previously stated, I've grown accustomed to the taste and have finally acquired it.  But the honest question we have to ask ourselves is - is anything truly pumpkin flavored?  I think, over time, companies have ditched the traditional pumpkin flavor and have opted to call a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and spices "pumpkin."  All of you pumpkinheads have been weened off and over to this new version of the flavor while a guy like me can finally join you.  Meanwhile, we're both wrong and blindly accept whatever this taste is for what it is.

I don't believe they're new for 2015, but Entenmann's Little Bites Pumpkin Muffins are certainly new to The Holidaze.  I've covered a few different pumpkin foods in the past, but this is normally something I'd look over and skip.  I love Little Bites, especially their brownie and banana nut flavors, but pumpkin never drew me in.  Like I said, I've never been a fan until surprisingly picking it up this year.  I feel like that kid who was always made fun of for not knowing how to ride a bike until, somehow, he just picks up and one day flies off.  I'm that now-cool kid and pumpkin muffins are my bicycle.

I think I just implied that I ride pumpkins.  Oh boy..

Nothing fancy about the bag or muffins, but they are appropriately colored for the flavor and season.  The orange ribbon around the top and bottom of the bag is enough to represent Halloween and the muffins themselves have that toasty burnt look to them.  I like to believe they were baked over a witch's open flame and possibly poisoned with an elixir designed to give me super powers.  Or turn me into a pumpkin.  Either one of those would make my Halloween complete.

The taste of these pumpkin muffin Little Bites is delicious.  As mentioned above, they're the perfect mix of everything we've come to expect from these pumpkin flavored gimmicks.  It's very Fallish, as if I could feel the crispy leaves falling onto my taste buds with every bite.  With one bite, the temperature drops and the wind picks up.  They remind me of my childhood, whether it be the smell of an old candle or my visits to Salem, MA.  Whatever it is, I'm liking it.  My only gripe with these Little Bites is the same gripe I have with all Little Bites - there aren't enough in a box!  If I was a kid in school, this would be perfect for my Batman lunchbox, but I'm a grown man-child.. I need more than 5 in a bag.  Waddup, Entenmann's?

With these Little Bites Pumpkin Muffins from Entenmann's, you're honoring Fall and the traditions of Halloween.  That makes Sam happy which means you get to live... for now.  

Little Bites Pumpkin Muffins get an 8 / 10.  Hopefully that doesn't upset Sam.

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