Friday, September 20, 2013

Hi-C Horror Collection - Series TWO

When I decided to kill time and enhance the Halloween season by substituting products with creativity, I never expected that the Hi-C Horror Collection would gain so much attention via Social Media.  While I love when anything on the site gains traction, my intention is always to add to our collective Halloween experience.  Thanks to Strange Kids Club, John at Freddy in Space / FEARnet, and WES CRAVEN (!) more people saw what Series 1 had to offer than I would have ever been able to reach on my own.  So, a huge thank you is owed to them, and anybody else who shared the boxes through Twitter, Instagram, on Social Media.  I always knew there would be a Series 2 but, with so many people loving the first set, I knew the pressure was on to bring it!  I used a lot of the most popular characters and films in Series 1, but I think Series 2 lives up to my first go-around.  In fact, I actually like this collection better!

First up, from Hatchet, I introduce you to Victor Crowley's "Swamp Cooler" Cherry Limeade.  The collest part about this box is the fact that it was named by Adam Green, the creator of Hatchet 1, 2, and 3.  I asked him if he had any ideas, and this was his suggestion.  I couldn't have named it better myself.  It's a great nod to Ecto-Cooler and stays true to the film.

Rosemary's Baby is one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen.  I still remember the first time I ever watched it.  It was dark and gloomy with all the lights out.  I knew I wanted to make one for this classic, and "Rosemary's Berry" just made sense.  Obviously, the box is based on the legendary cover.

"Saw Berry Swirl" was going to originally remain "Saw Berry," but I love the little red swirls on Jigsaw's Puppet and I knew I could incorporate that into the name.  I'm a big fan of Saw, and this was almost in the first set, but I wanted to save it for Series 2.

Leatherface is one of the most iconic horror characters in movie history and there was no doubt that I'd include him into the collection.  He was supposed to be in Series 1, but I illustrated him differently and didn't like it.  Originally, he was making a "sour face" to go along with his "Lemonface" flavor.  It just wasn't working and certainly didn't mesh well with his personality and reputation.  This box is much better, chainsawing through bloody lemons and all.

"Evil Red" was a pretty simple flavor name to come up with, but I think it works well.  My favorite part about this box is the way the blood drips from the star burst.  For as gory as that movie is, I wanted to do my best to add as much "red" as possible to signify that without straying too far away from being a kid's juice box.

I've never been a fan of Seed of Chucky, but I always loved the way he looked.  When I though "appleseed," I knew this was the best correlation.  Then when I read that Hi-C once had a real Candy Apple flavor, it worked out even better.  I wish I could really try this one, because I think it'd be great.

I'll admit, "The Pining" is kinda corny.  It's not the greatest name in the world, but it does rhyme with The Shining and that was good enough for me.  Besides, I needed a pineapple flavor and this was the best route in terms of finding one.  Despite the debatable flavor name, I love the way this came out.

Jumping from modern boxes to retro, I wanted to design a retro box for Psycho because of the classic black & white feel.  "Psycho Peach" is a play on word, but associating it with the film is a bit of a stretch.  Use your imagination, I guess.  But, here's a teaser -- Series 3 (or 4, depending) is already in the works and will be completely retro.  It will also feature actual images, rather than cartoon drawings, because legends shouldn't be tampered with.  That's all I'm going to say.

If you've seen The Conjuring, you're familiar with Annabelle the demonic doll.  Well, the actual Annabelle, stored away in Connecticut, is a Raggedy Ann doll.  That's the one I wanted to use for the juice box.  The flavor name, "Strawberry Banannabelle," is one thing, but if you look closely, the doll from the film is transparently hiding behind the case and over the Hi-C logo.  Just a way to bring the best of both evil worlds together.

I'm not sure how a Cotton Candy flavored Hi-C would taste, but just "Drink IT!"  In all seriousness, it would probably be pretty good.  Regardless, I wanted to incorporate a classic circus treat into the mix for Pennywise.  Prior to that idea, it was just going to be Kiwi Strawberry.  I'm happy I changed my mind.  This is one of my favorite boxes, especially because of the confetti background.

Nothing but alliteration for the flavor name, but I knew exactly what I wanted for the box.  Because Hi-C juice boxes are already yellow, I had to make it look like the original Good Guy box that Chucky came in.  This is one of my favorite boxes to date and, if anything was ever made for the new Curse of Chucky film, this would be what I want.

I absolutely love this box for so many different reasons.  "Mogwai Melon" was going to only be melon, but when I thought about the movie itself, watermelon made sense.  We all know what happens when Mogwai's come in contact with water, and if you look behind Gizmo, a mysterious Gremlin has already been exposed.  So there's a lot going on with this box and there's actually more of a story than just a design, which is why this might be my favorite box in the collection.

If you'd like to share these boxes (which I'd appreciate!) here is an Instagram formatted image for you to use.  You can also check out for individually formatted images!

I hope you enjoyed Series 2 of the Holidaze Hi-C Horror Collection!!

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  1. These are really clever. I love them all (especially the "Rosemary's Berry" one. I would totally buy these.


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