Monday, September 23, 2013

WWE Ice Cream Bars

I'm taking a quick break from the Halloween Countdown because my friend James (give him a follow!) gave me a cool idea and I couldn't wait to get cracking.  If you've read The Holidaze, you know how big of a wrestling fan I am.  Growing up, it was always my dream to design for the company and work for the greatest entertainment organization in the world.  After all, it was the WWE that inspired me to start designing in the first place.  So, after seeing my Hi-C juice boxes, my friend said I should make modern versions of the classic "WWF" Ice Cream bars.  Remember those?  The cookie, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream bar was always my first choice whenever Mr. Softee stopped by the block.  They were awesome and even C.M. Punk has been waiting for them to make a comeback.  They may not be returning any time soon, but just like those juice boxes, we can all take a look at what they would look like if they were a reality.

Using an old ad from WWF Magazine as base, here are some current WWE Superstars in retro form!
Of course, the original "WWF" logo and mentions have all been edited for today's use.


I think they're pretty cool and look like the ones you'd actually find when you ripped one open, rather than the drawing on the box.

If you're not a wrestling fan, don't care about these, or think they're garbage -- no worries.  It's back to Halloween!!


  1. AMAZING! I am hungry now!

  2. Haha it was an awesome idea, brother. I'm happy you recommended it because I wasn't even thinking about them. Hawkins and Ryder with the tweets so far, let's see if any others like them!


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