Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Oreo Cookies

Nabisco has already impressed me once this Halloween season with their black and orange Chips Ahoy cookie bag.  Now, they've done it again with their Halloween Oreo's!  Really, Nabisco simply knows how to do it right.  They understand the importance of packaging during the Holiday seasons and how much attention must be paid to detail.  I don't have any statistics to back up my claims, but it has to lead to a sales increase.  I just wish more companies and distributors would get on board and release special edition products.  Kelloggs used to do it all the time with their lines of cereal and it always made me happy.  I know the economy is bad, but is it really affecting package art?  Can we seriously not afford an extra 20 marshmallows a box?  I don't know why we're seeing less and less Holiday edition products, but thank God we have Nabisco!

What I love most about special edition Oreo Cookies is that Nabisco always goes the extra mile to change their packaging, the Oreo's and the center Oreo creme.  They know they could get away with just throwing a few pumpkins on the bag, but they're obviously aiming to impress us with the trifecta.  Nabisco simply isn't messing around and is out to prove a point and make a profit.  They've accomplished both.

Unlike most Oreo lovers, I'm not as much of a fan of the creme as I am the Oreo cookie.  I'm most likely in the minority, but like my girlfriend suggested today, Nabisco should really think about releasing the cookies alone and forgetting the creme for a change.  They can advertise with the theme that "something went wrong in the lab."  Everybody can say "Oh no, the creme is gone," yada yada.. Ya know, something like Cap'n Crunch's All Berries Cereal.  Sure, I still twist the top from the bottom and play games with my Oreo, but I usually save the best for last.  And what's cool about this Halloween edition is that there are 5 "Boo-Rific Shapes" to choose from.  Perfect.

If you can't tell from the picture above, these are the five Halloween shapes -- Bats, Pumpkin, Cat, Ghost and Witch.  They're really designs, not shapes, but who am I to get technical?  I couldn't care less about what they're called, I'm just happy to see something different.  But, if they want to impress me even more next year, actual shapes would be amazing.  Too bad nobody ever reads this to steal my idea.  I'll have to tweet Nabisco.

While the packaging designs and cookie "shapes" are great, the true selling power of this product comes from the creme filling.  Oreo is world-renowned for their center and we all know just how classic the white creme truly is.  Well, for Halloween, they've changed the creme from white to orange to make Oreo cookies extra spooky.  Now, not only are you eating tasty cookies on Halloween, but you're eating cookies decked out in Halloween colors.  Again, Nabisco, you just do it right..

Just look at that Halloween paradise.  When you first pull down that easy-open-tab, you're instantly reminded of what purpose these Oreo's serve.  You know exactly why they've been released.  You're not thinking Christmas, you're not thinking St. Patrick's Day and you're definitely not thinking 4th of July.  No, this is Halloween and everything about these cookies screams it out loud.

In fact, if you look closely at the photo above, you might even be able to make out a demon of sorts.  Do you see the creature's teeth?  I think I see some type of monster opening his mouth wide enough to devour my entire bag of Oreo's.  Yep, I'm sure of it.. see?

Way to go, Nabisco.  Now I'm seeing Monsters...Amazing

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