Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ultimate Halloween Breakfast

There are vast varieties of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal, but when it comes to the Holidaze, my favorite of the bunch is Cinnamon Roll.  I love cinnamon.  I always have.  My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I attribute it to my Grandmother who used to always have it in her cabinet.  I can still remember her putting it on my toast when I was just three years old, and If I can remember that, then you know I must love me some cinnamon.

Cinnamon Roll Instant Oatmeal is not only perfect for Fall and Halloween, but Winter and Christmas as well.  It has great flavor, and since Cap'n Crunch's Halloween Crunch has yet to be released, this is the perfect spooky breakfast to instantly mix-up and create.  Well... almost perfect.

See, this Halloween season, I'm trying to take everything up a notch.  I want to create new Halloween memories with those that celebrate it with me and, to do so, we have to take things to the next level.  While Quaker Oats Cinnamon Roll Instant Oatmeal is great, there isn't anything "Halloween" about it.  Today, we're going to change that by creating the Ultimately Haunted Halloween Oatmeal Breakfast.  Oh yeah..

Step one in our process is easy -- grab yourself a few packs of Cinnamon Roll oatmeal and pick up a box of food coloring.  There are two ways of going about creating this breakfast beast.  There is a simple Halloween oatmeal, and the ultimate Halloween oatmeal.  If you want to go the loser route and be simple, then just dye your Cinnamon Roll oatmeal orange and call it a day.

I'd like to think that most people understand the color spectrum enough to know how to create the color orange, but if you don't, you're going to need the colors red and yellow.  Of course, you can dye your oatmeal any color you wish.  I thought about making it green or purple, but nothing says Halloween to me like the color orange.

The box will give you the necessary instructions to precisely mix the preferred color of orange, but I don't have time for any of that.  I want this breakfast to be ultimate and that means taking risks.  We're simply going to wing it.  Pour a little red, pour a little yellow, and keep going until I find exactly what I'm looking for.

Ahhh, yess!  Just look at what we've done!  The best part about Halloween treats is that they don't have to look appetizing at all.  Does orange oatmeal look good?  Of course not!  It looks like vomit or whatever Bridget the Bobble Monster was brewing in her cauldron, but that's the point!  Everybody knows that food coloring doesn't change the flavor of the food it's applied to, so you never have to worry about how it's going to taste.  But like any good optical illusion, orange oatmeal will make you forget that and have you think that you're about to ingest poison.  How great is that?

Okay, so like I said, simply dying your oatmeal is easy.  Anybody can do that.  But if you want your morning to be ultimate, then you need to be creative and add some figurative spice to your breakfast.  I say figurative, but hey, if you want to literally add some spice, I say go for it.  When we aim for the ultimate, we know we're jeopardizing flavor.  It may not taste as great once we throw in things that don't belong, but it's sure as hell going to look good!

Remember those Jet-Puffed Swirlmallows?  Well they're good for more than just toasting.  My girlfriend took one of the jumbo marshmallows and made a Ghostmallow.  He kinda looks like one of those things that chase Pac-Man around, but I'm pretty sure that they're ghosts too so we're right on track here.  He's perfect and you can tell he's looking forward to being a part of the Ultimate Halloween Breakfast.  We're close, but not quite there yet..

Now we're cookin'..  When it comes to creating the Ultimate Halloween Breakfast, there is one rule -- there are no rules!  But if you want my advice, just use what you have and make it look like it serves a purpose.  Here, we threw in the Little Debbie Fall Tree Cake, Trick-or-Treat Berry Fruit by the Foot and Boo Berry marshmallows to go along with our orange Cinnamon Roll oatmeal and Ghostmallow.  Is it going to taste good?  No way.. not together, anyway.  Individually, these treats are all amazing, but they're only here now to make things look and sound better.  Remember when Buddy the Elf poured syrup all over his spaghetti in Elf ?  Well that sounded awesome, but we all know it would taste horrible.  Yet, every year, I think it would be great for Christmas morning.  That's what this Ultimate Halloween Breakfast is.  It's our spaghetti and syrup.

It honestly doesn't taste bad.  The Boo Berry marshmallows add a lot to the orange oatmeal and the Fruit by the Foot makes you feel like you're eating right out of a pumpkin patch.  The Fall Tree Cake doesn't taste good covered in oatmeal, but the Ghostmallow needs his shade anyway so we don't have to eat that.  All in all, this is an amazing Halloween treat.  I wasn't sure if we could do it, but yes, we did create the Ultimate Halloween Oatmeal.  Now we have to come up with new ideas in terms of taking regular food and Halloweening them out.  It's all about taking things to the next level!

Happy Friday!

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