Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Dots

When I saw these at Stop-n-Shop, I thought about holding off and waiting until Thanksgiving before I bought them.  They just look like they'd be better suited for Turkey Day than Halloween.  But, after staring at the box for a good two minutes, embarrassing myself in front of the employees who had to think I was crazy, I grabbed the box and threw it in the cart.  After all, I've only ever eaten Candy Corn in October.  Perhaps that's "Halloweeny" enough.

Here's the Box-O-Dots.  That sounds cool, right?  Ya have to spice things up when you're talking about a box of gumdrops.  But seriously, I give the box a somewhat decent rating.  I prefer the Bat Dots, but this is great for Fall.  Although, I'm not feeling the poorly drawn scarecrow.  He's cute, and obviously happy, but I think a toddler might have illustrated the poor guy.  Actually, as I think about it, he looks more like Zeke the Plumber than a scarecrow which, oddly enough, makes him scarier than he's supposed to be.

Unlike some people, I actually like Candy Corn.  When I was younger, I used to eat it all the time.  I used to buy the Autumn Mix and go one hell of a sugar rush after ten pieces.  Throw in one of those sugary pumpkins and I'd be up for days.  I fondly remember finishing off a complete bag while playing video games in 2004.  Good times.

But the Candy Corn Dots taste nothing like Candy Corn.  They taste like rubber.  Ya know what it smells like when you put on a Halloween mask?  Well that smell is what these taste like.  They're gross.  I ate one, hated it, then had another to give them a second chance and that was it.  I'm done with them.  Just in case somebody else wants to try them, the box is still in my kitchen, but I doubt they'll make it past this weekend.  Besides, they don't even look like Candy Corn.  There's no white in the mix and that second one photographed is missing half it's body. 

Oh well, at least they're fun to look at..

They're bright, they're colorful, they're horrible.  Two outta three aint bad.

Now, before I conclude, I just have to point out that Halloween is one..week..away!  I know you're well aware and, like me, must be pumped, but where did the time go?  This October flew right by and, unfortunately, I didn't do half of what I planned on.  However, with one week left to celebrate the spooky season, it's time to indulge as much as possible.  So keep checking the Holidaze for more Halloween posts!  7 days to go!

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