Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nestle Tollhouse Halloween Creatures

You might have noticed by now that you simply can't have enough cookies during the Holidays.  Whether it be Halloween, Christmas or Easter, cookies are the perfect late-night treat.  For me personally, this has been a very cookieful Halloween and, believe me, it's far from over.

When deciding between Pillsbury Spooky Cat Cookies and these new Nestle Tollhouse Halloween Creatures Cookies, there was no question as to which one we were going with.  We simply had to try these!  There were two selling points that really caught my eye.  The first?  These 24 sugar cookies are pre-cut!  Now, I have no problem cutting my own cookies, but having it already done for you doesn't hurt, especially when they're in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts and witches!  The second selling point were the colors.  I love cookies that have colorfully printed images on them and, in that regard, nobody does it better than Nestle Tollhouse!

Take a look at these beauties!  I feel like I've written that exact line a hundred times, but that means we're having a great Halloween season.  These cookies are to be admired.  They're literally works of art and add a lot to the Halloween season.  Sure, you could decorate your own, and that's so fun that I probably will sometime this week, but what if you don't have the time?  What if you want a decorative Halloween cookie without the hassle of doing it yourself?  Well, don't fret my pet, you can have it that way with these Halloween Creatures.  By the way, is a witch really a "creature?"

Disregard my crispy cookie sheet, she's been through a lot over the years.  Focus your attention on the cookie dough about to be baked.  They're now cut out from their borders and ready to go.  What's so cool about the cookies is that you can cut two out at a time.  Like I said, if you're looking for ease and speed, this is the way to go!

Here they are!  All baked and ready to go!  I don't know how you guys like your cookies, but I'm picky.  I like them crunchy, but only around the edges.  I like the middle chewy, but not gooey.  Luckily, these Halloween Creatures came out perfect. 

Let's take a look at my top three..

#3 - The Boo Ghost

He reminds me of something we'd find hanging out with Casper or a ghoul from Disney's The Haunted Mansion.  He looks happy, but not so much that he couldn't scare you.  He knows he can and, if he has to, he will.  But the reason why he's in my top three is because of the brown bubble that says "Booooo."  From afar, it looks like a football.  I can't get it out of my head that it's not a football and have convinced myself that it is.  He is a football playing ghost. 

#2 - The Candy Corn Ghost

This cute little guy comes in second because of his bag of candy.  For whatever reason, I really like his bag of candy and the fact that it's so orange.  It's bright and obvious that he loves candy corn.  He has personality and finds joy in Halloween treats.  Chances are, he's a big Holidaze reader.  Unfortunately, he can't be number one because he wasn't printed properly.  He's not straight enough for me to call my favorite... not that there's anything wrong with that!

#1 - The Batty Witch

Here's my number one woman -- The broom-flying, batty witch!  Not only is she the biggest cookie, she's the most colorful.  She has black, orange, green, purple, and a little bit of blue and red.  She also has a big-eyed bat flying behind her.  That means this cookie features TWO "creatures."  Unless I've answered my own question and proved that witches aren't really creatures at all and, in this cookie, the bat is our only creature.  Hm, something to think about when you don't have thumbs to twiddle

Now you're ready to place your cookies on a plate and pour yourself a glass of milk.  My glass makes up for the 4th of July plate.  Trust me, I'm not in that much of a Holidaze...yet.

When you've finished your Nestle Tollhouse Halloween Creatures Cookies, don't get sad.  I know it's easy to do, but they'll be back again for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter!

I just found three new Holidaze blog posts for December, February and April!

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  1. Help me. I bought my first package of shapes @ Halloween, accidentally. I thought they were the Spooky Cat rounds variety. Anyhoo, I shared them & Thanksgiving,Christmas,Valentines @ Birthday printed cookies with HUNDREDS of people & the one question I am asked over & again is "How do they get the picture on them." I am not good with the computer & have no answer for this. Do you? I do get compliments everywhere I share them & always make sure to mention that Nestles & I made them. Sincerely, I don't even know how to fill in select a profile!!!! so anonymous...


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