Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Can Be Random

Since we're only days away from Halloween, I've decided to post as often and frequent as possible during the Halloweek.  This is crunch time so every and any thing that relates to Halloween must be posted now or be locked away for another year.  So, posts like this, which were uncommon at the start of the Holidaze, might pop up once or twice more before the end of the season.  I can tell you right now, this isn't going to be the most interesting post, but like I said, all Halloween passengers must board now or be left stranded. 

I don't know about you, but where I live we all have "corner stores."  You might call it a market or even a bodega, but since I was five-years-old, I've always called them corner stores.  They're basically any store that sell groceries for 3x the retail price.  If you need milk, but don't have time to hit up a major grocery store, then you simply walk down the block and pay the extra cash for added convenience.

Surprisingly, the cupcakes pictured above were found in my "corner store."  I don't know where they were originally purchased, but these aren't something I usually find.  In fact, I don't think I've ever found anything spooky at the corner store.  Well, people don't count.

These cupcakes are very colorful, very big, and very Halloweeny.  But are they any good?  Eh, well, they weren't bad.  They were plain.  There was nothing special about them other than their decor, which was the only reason why they were purchased anyway.  It was just cool finding these at the "corner store" and I thought you'd like looking at them.  After all, that's all they're good for.

When you're in one of these "corner stores," you're always tempted by the line of scratch-off tickets staring directly into your money hungry eyes.  Normally, I can resist.  I don't have any gambling problems, even though this entry probably makes me look like a fiend.  Who talks about money hungry eyes without having a gambling problem?  Well, believe it or not, I was only attracted to the Zombies!

Pepsi and Coke can't get on board with the Halloween movement, but, of course, the New Jersey Lottery is right on track.  This is no surprise, though.  There always seems to be themed scratch-off tickets for the holidays.  I've even seen one for Kwanzaa.  No, I really haven't, but how awesome would that be?

Look at this!  Two Buckaroos for CK!  I was hoping for a heavy grand, but I'll take the two dollars.  I got my money back and was still able to share these Zombie Tripplers with the Holidaze readers.  Now I have to take my two dollars and find something Halloweeny to buy.

I know, this wasn't the best Holidaze entry.  It might have actually been the worst.  That's why I emphasized the word "random" in the title.  There was just no rhyme or reason in this one.  I just threw a burst of Halloween your way.  Take it or leave it... I'd leave it.

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