Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Little Debbie Fall Treats

I don't know about you, but there is a feeling in the air.  The wind is starting to pick up.  The leaves have slightly changed colors.  The sun isn't as strong as it used to be and those orange boxes are beginning to fill up the aisles.  Oh yeah.. Halloween is upon us!

Okay, I'll admit, It's a bit too early to be focusing on all the greatness that comes with the Halloween season, but I just can't help it.  As soon as I see Halloween candy hit the shelves, I can't resist the urge to immerse myself into the atmosphere that Halloween creates.  So, I'm going by the motto, "the sooner the better."  Let's get this Holidaze rolling!

Last year, Little Debbie was amongst the first to release their Halloween products.  This year, they're back at it again.  While shopping at Stop & Shop, I saw two boxes and one of which is completely new.  But, the first, are the Fall Party Cakes pictured above.  The box design is very similar to the Fall Tree Cakes I covered last year, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Falling leaves and Pumpkins?  Yup..Halloween!

The Fall Party Cakes come in two varieties; chocolate and white chocolate.  While I'm a bigger fan of chocolate, I went with the white chocolate for a change of pace.  Plus, I really like the way the colors popped off the box.  The brown, yellow, and orange sprinkles look better against the white icing than they do on the chocolate and that's enough to make me choose them over the other.

I took a big bite out of one of the Fall Party Cakes and, let me tell you, they're really good and very filling!  These are the perfect treat to kick off the Fall/Halloween season.  For as much as I'd like to dive right in, let's go slow.  Let's get our feet wet and start out slow.  We'll get to the Halloween Crunch and Cupcakes down the road.  For now, Fall Party Cakes are the way to go!

Okay, got your feet wet?  Great, now dip an ankle because this is pretty awesome.  Little Debbie has also released NEW Bat Brownies!  While Fall Party Cakes scream "Fall," this screams nothing but "Halloween!"  It's great!  I've always loved Little Debbie brownies so, now, that they've used some type of bat cookie cutter to make these amazing shapes?  It just can't get any better!!!  It's so good looking, but not enough to call it "perfect" and that's not even close to a bad thing.  I like how it's a bit uneven and some of the detail has worn away.  That's good, keep it that way.  Bats aren't perfect.  They're evil, wicked, and get stuck in your hair.  Although, if this particular bat came flying toward my head, I'd go all Ozzy Osbourne on his chocolate ass ;)

I tried to take a bite out of this one, but Debbie got to it before me.  Then she smiled and looked away when I took her picture.  Really?  That's just corny.  But I'm just getting back into the swing of things here.  Although, I don't expect it to get much better.  However, isn't that why you keep coming back?  It's the Holidaze, baby!

To end the first entry for our second Halloween Holidaze, I'll leave you with the words of Little Debbie herself.  Get out to the stores and look for Halloween treats because....


  1. I am definitely looking for those bat brownies on my next grocery store outing!

  2. Absolutely! It's nice to see something so Halloween-Themed to be released, especially so early! You'll definitely enjoy them!


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