Monday, September 10, 2012

Candy Corn Oreo Cookies

Here they are!! Finally, I found the Candy Corn Oreo Cookies!  I've never seen a cookie get so much attention in my life.  It was first brought to my attention on Twitter by @mcel33, then I saw it was trending, then I saw it on the news.  I couldn't believe an Oreo cookie was getting this much coverage, but it was great to see that many people in a pure "Holidaze."  See, when I talk about the "Holidaze," this is what I mean.  Millions of people getting caught up in the season and the hype of Candy Corn flavored Oreo Cookies!  Are they important? No.  Can we live without them? Yes.  But, do we want to?  No freakin' way!  We're in a 'daze and it's all thanks to Candy Corn Oreo Cookies.  Let's get into it!

The graphics on the bag are awesome.  First off, I love that the bag is yellow.  That's pretty custom with Golden Oreo Cookies, so it's not all that out of the ordinary, but I love the fact that this limited edition isn't blue and completely wraps these cookies in the spirit of Fall.  

Next, we have the Candy Corn pieces, big and small, randomly splashed across the front!  It's like a big smack in the face!  And that's fitting because Candy Corn flavored cookies are so unexpected.  This came so far out from left field that I feel like I've been sucker punched with excessive amounts of sugar!  But is there any better type of surprise you'd want around Halloween?  I don't think so!

I'm pretty sure Nabisco knew this Candy Corn edition was going to be huge because of the type of bag the cookies come in.  I've never seen a double-sided Oreo bag that you could reseal after you've opened it!  This is the real deal.  Nabisco went all out and I love it.  Whenever a company makes changes to their products, branding, or labels, I get pumped.  I love art and graphic design so much that I truly appreciate the creativity.  This bag means that someone, somewhere, took attention to detail.  Give that guy or girl a raise!  They struck white, orange, and gold with this one!

Before I get into the taste, let's talk about the best part about this limited edition.  The first thing that hits you, as soon as you open the bag, is the smell!  Whoa.. This may explain why the bag was made the way it is.  I think it was designed to trap in as much of the aroma as possible because the scent comes flying out from the bag so strong that you feel like you're in Willy Wonka's Haunted Chocolate Factory.  It's amazing.  If it's still warm where you live, or if you've yet to embrace the Fall, I can bet that all changes as soon as you open this bag.  All of a sudden, an 80 degree day feels like 60 and those green leaves seem a bit more brown.  It may be in my head, but I blame it on the Oreo Impact.

After you smell the cookies, take a look at them.  They're basically the Golden Oreo Cookies, but with Candy Corn flavored orange and yellow creme.  Looking at my photo, you might think they're tiny cheese sandwiches or mini Ritz Crackers, but nope, those are Candy Corn Oreo Cookies!  Can you believe it?

Ahhhh.. So awesome!  Everything about it screams Fall, Halloween, cold weather and, of course, Candy Corn.  Now, on to the flavor..

I actually like Candy Corn, so I was expecting to enjoy these either way.  I know a lot of people don't enjoy the texture of Candy Corn pieces.  They're kind of chewy, feel a little bit like plastic, and I get that.  I'm one of the pickiest eaters on Earth so I understand where people are coming from.  But, while it may be a rarity, I have no problem with Candy Corn, but would never eat them outside of the Fall months.  If you're eating Candy Corn in July, then you might have a problem.

So how are these Candy Corn Oreo Cookies??  They're...Amazing!!  I'll admit, they don't really taste like Candy Corn, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  They taste a lot like the Golden Oreo's, with just a slight hint of Candy Corn.  It's just enough to make Candy Corn lovers and haters come together and agree that this is the perfect cookie for Fall.  Actually, this IS Fall's cookie.  I can't see any other company topping this one.  Nabisco hit a home run in every aspect of this product.  They promoted it well, they got it trending, the PR got it on national news, they have an exclusive deal with Target, the graphics are perfect, and it tastes great.  

Kraft, Nabisco, Oreo.. whoever.. they knocked this one right out of the park!  BUT, if there was anything else I could add just to make the creme look more like Candy Corn, I'd include a white strip down the middle.  It doesn't need it, but I wanted to show you what it would look like, anyway.

These cookies weren't easy to find, so if you're looking for them, you might have to travel outside of your area.  Because they're a Target exclusive, this won't be easy for everybody, especially with all the hype.  But they're definitely worth looking for! 


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