Friday, September 7, 2012

Football Treats

This isn't Halloween related, but the kick-off of Football season is obviously a Fall tradition and, this year, there are a few treats in stores that had to be written about during the Halloween Holidaze!  Whether your a football fan or not (I'm a casual Giants fan, but not big enough to call myself a die-hard) you'll definitely enjoy these football-themed touchdowns!

First, we have Little Debbie Football Brownies.  I'm very pleased with everything Little Debbie Snacks have been doing during the Fall season.  First, we saw the Fall Party Treats.  Then, we saw the Bat Brownies.  Now?  Football Brownies!  And in my opinion, these are actually a lot cooler than the Bat Brownies because of the two white strips on each brownie.  See, they could have easily etched out a line to represent the two, much like they did with the football seams, but they didn't.  They went the extra mile and made these brownies actually look like footballs!  I love that stuff.  I love the sports fonts, pennant, and field in the background.  The only thing they could have changed?  Well, I know it's taboo to mess with a corporate logo, but how about putting Little Debbie in a football helmet?  How awesome would that have been?  

These pictures don't do the brownies justice, but you can tell they're exactly as depicted on the box.  Although, they are bit smaller than I expected.  That's okay, I'll just eat the whole box, anyway.  The bottom picture doesn't look as smooth as the top, but I'm pretending those indentations are supposed to be the grooves on a football.  That makes everything much more realistic and proves that I care about this brownie much more than any 25-year-old ever should!

Had I just found one football-themed snack, I probably would have skipped this edition all together.  But, I found two! And that was enough to make me interrupt the Halloween celebration and bring in a little extra something.  Here we have Football Oreo cookies and they're just amazing, man!  Nabisco has been releasing so many different varieties of Oreo Cookies over the past 8 months or so that I haven't been able to keep up.  They've been on fire!!  They're taking notice of the seasons and paying attention to every little detail.  They're celebrating The Holidaze just as much as we are and that's a major plus for Nabisco and Oreo Cookies!

I've seen Oreo Cookies come in different flavors and colors, but I don't think I've ever seen them come in different shapes.  The traditional circle is so classic that I thought changing that up would be even more taboo than adding a helmet to Little Debbie!  But with this Limited Edition, Oreo Cookies come in the shape of footballs!!  And Nabisco could have stopped there, went out while they were ahead, and called it a day.  But no, they added 5 Football Designs to their cookies to complete the 2-point conversion!

The Football Oreo Cookies are bigger than the traditional Oreo Cookies so they only require two rows.  I was surprised to only see two when I opened the bag because I honestly expected them to be much smaller than the originals.  But the fact that they're bigger is pretty cool.  I like them better that way because I feel that better represents the game of football.  Big, strong, and perfect for dipping into a cup of milk.  Well, 2 outta 3 aint bad!

Take a close look at the 5 Football Designs.  I'm sure you can see, otherwise you wouldn't be online, but I'll go over them with you just to make this post feel longer.  First, we have the Oreo Football Helmet, followed by the Goal Post, "Touchdown," a Football Player, and "Lick the Competition."  They're all perfect for the recently kicked-off NFL season, but Oreo are actually the "Official Cookies of NCAA."  I don't know what that actually means in terms of what Oreo does for the NCAA, but there's something else I didn't know until now.  I just feel, if you really want to represent the NCAA, why not add some team logos to the cookies?  That would be awesome.  That would also be a great segue into..


 I haven't seen these in any stores in my area, but apparently Pop-Tarts have released 5 NCAA University Edition Pop-Tarts.  I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be for sale by now, but honestly, I haven't looked because I didn't attend either of these Universities and, based on the box art, I'm really not impressed.  If you haven't seen them yet, take a look!

Not too bad, but I feel there is so much more they could have done with this type of license.  Why is every flavor the same?  Why not incorporate more of what each University stands for and represents their school/area.  It's probably due to cost-cutting, but luckily we don't have to worry about that here on The Holidaze.  Let's take a look at what I would have done had I been in charge of each box.

I changed the colors, the flavors, and the names.  I hope you like them!  My personal favorite is the University of Florida's Gatorange!  Have their ever been orange flavored Pop-Tarts?  I don't think I've ever seen them before, but that would probably be something I'd like to try.  In fact, that would be a great Halloween edition!!  

Ahh, see how I brought it all back to Halloween?  Pretty slick, right?

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