Sunday, November 20, 2011

Andes Candies

I don't know if Andes are specifically released for Christmas, but I never see them in stores until November rolls around.  I could just be missing them, or they may simply be moved over to the Christmas section of Walgreens, but I've only ever eaten Andes Candies during the Holiday Season.  So, regardless of whether or not they're Christmas candy, they're still Christmassy to me, which is why they're being featured today.

Andes remind me of when I was a child.  I can't pinpoint exact moments in time, or pull out specific memories from my mind, but I know they were prevalent during the Christmas season.  I remember my Grandmother having them in and I think that may be why they're so important to the holidays.  There's just something about that chocolatey mint flavor that brings back a rush of Christmas.  For years, we've had them at Christmas parties and on the table during the chilly months of Fall and Winter.  The package isn't designed for Christmas at all, yet it means just as much to me as those that are completely decked out.

As soon as you take the box of Andes out from the bag, you're smacked in the face by the hand of Mint.  You can't see him, but he's there.  Mint awaits you inside that bag and as soon as you unleash the beast, he hits you hard.  But don't worry, that's a good thing.  The smell is strong and overwhelming.  It's a burst of December in a bag that I love so much.  So much, in fact, that we recently purchased a Mint Chocolate candle from Bath and Body Works to enhance the Holidaze even more.  However, I won't lie, this smell reminds me of a night club just as much as it does Christmas.  That's a memory I didn't have as a child, but I also had no idea what a Mojito was.

I try to take my own pictures and post them on the blog, but my camera, flash, and lighting were not cooperating with the unwrapped Andes candy.  So, credit for the photo above goes to Google Images.  While it may not be mine, my candy doesn't look any different.  It's exactly the same and tastes great.  Because Andes are so classic, I'd assume you already know what they taste like but, if not, you need to go out and buy these.  If you've ever had mint chocolate chip ice cream, then you know what to expect.  They're really good, but I won't lie and say that my personal memories don't make Andes even better.  They do, but they were a part of my family's tradition for a reason and, if you try, I'm sure you can make Andes a part of yours, too!

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