Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness

See how my banner is red and green?  See how it represents Christmas so well in it's scheme?  Well, good, because that's about as Christmassy as this entry is going to get.  See, Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness has nothing to do with the holidays, but hot chocolate does.  In my family, hot chocolate (I refuse to call it cocoa or even spell coco) has become a traditional drink of choice around this time of year.  I'm not a big coffee drinker, except for Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, so I look forward to having cups of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows every fall and winter.  That's what this entry is about.  However, unlike previous years, we're changing things up with this new special edition and, in a second, you'll see why..

Rainbow Marshmallows!!  Now you understand the madness!  This was just too cool to pass up, especially because my girlfriend wanted it so bad.  It's pretty awesome and, since the flavor doesn't change, it was an obvious upgrade over the boring, old, white marshmallows.  I just wish this box was themed for Christmas, anyway.  I know it wasn't intended for the season, but it would have been even better had the marshmallows been red and green.  Either way, we're satisfied

In an attempt to make things Christmassier, (which is now a word,) we had to use the gingerbread and candy canes coffee mug.  But that's simply not enough, so I'm making a story up in my head.  Here it is:  To enhance the Holidaze, Santa Claus and Swiss Miss join forces during the season.  In order to meet the high demand for hot chocolate every winter, Santa's elves work hard to keep up production.  Only, this year, something went wrong.  One of the elves, named Timmy, accidentally spilled food coloring into the batch of white marshmallows!  Santa was angry at first, but Swiss Miss loved the rainbow marshmallows so much that they decided to hire Timmy as their creative director and extend a deal with Santa for the next five years.  Thanks to Timmy, we get to enjoy our Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness.

What a geek I am..

Whether you drink hot chocolate because it reminds you of Christmas, or just because it tastes good, this is definitely a box you should pick up.  Look at how colorful that cup of Ho' Cho' looks!  Rainbow marshmallows beat out white ones every time, so you have to try 'em.  Now, if you do, I bet you won't be able to forget about Timmy.  No matter how many times you tell yourself that you won't give that nerdy blog writer any credit, little Timmy the Elf will always be attached to your Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness.  Mission accomplished :)  Enjoy, Holidazers..

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