Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...Two Days Late

Some blog I run here, right?  I'm supposed to cover the "Holidaze" and I totally missed Thanksgiving.  I apologize to anybody who checked out the site, but between work and family, I was just too busy over the holiday to write anything worth while.  However, I can't let it go without mentioning it at all!  They say it's always better late than never, so here comes a healthy helping of late headed your way. 

If you've paid attention to that big pie above (how could you miss it?) then you know we're about to talk about gum that tastes like dessert.  I made it as obvious as I possibly could without being creative at all.  Blame that on the fact I'm so late.  But see, I didn't want to come on here and talk about turkey and stuffing.  Everybody eats that on Thanksgiving and it's just not interesting.  No, today, we're going to talk about some of the odd things I found leading up to Turkey Day.  After that, we're going to forget all about Thanksgiving and get back into what really matters... Christmas!

Check that gum out, man!  Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights introduces Apple Pie!! I've had the Mint Chocolate Chip, and it was okay, but this was just perfect for Thanksgiving.  My girlfriend found this but didn't buy it when she saw it.  I was like "whaaaaat?"  How do you see gum flavored like apple pie and not pick that up?  When I saw it, it was a no brainer.  My only complaint is that it's not blueberry.  It's not that I prefer blueberry over apple, because I don't, but I really wanted to make a Willy Wonka reference here.  Whenever you find a piece of gum that tastes like real food, just know that Willy Wonka was the originator.  Roast beef and blueberry pie would have given me so much more to talk about, but that's okay.  He still would have had us scour the streets for golden tickets if he made apple pie gum so that just goes to show how special this is!

"Have Your Dessert and Chew It Too!"  Not a bad slogan, right?  I'll take it.  I really like the design.  The multi-colored waves and apple pie graphics really remind me of Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent shot of the gum out of its wrapper.  It's a light green, which is awesome, but it kept coming out white.  It looked like a strip of paper and, no matter how far away I stood, I couldn't get it right.  I was going to tell you that I kept it a mystery on purpose, but you're too smart for that.  However, if you do want to see what this gum looks like, you're going to have to pick it up yourself.  And really, you should.  This tastes just like apple pie!  It's amazing.  It may not be blueberry pie, but you'll know exactly how Violet felt when she chewed Wonka's forbidden gum.  I can't even describe it well enough to do it justice.  All I can say is it surely blows that Mint Chocolate Chip out of the water.

If you've been reading long enough, then you may remember the corner store cupcakes I found down the block from my house.  They were themed for Halloween, and are here if you'd like to check them out again.  I don't know where they came from but, apparently, they're not alone.  Look at the Thanksgiving cupcakes my Dad found while he was out!  Who is making these?  My corner store isn't a bakery, it's an overpriced money stealer.  I'm sure they're buying these for a dollar and re-selling them for $5, but I need to know where they're getting them.  Not because they're good, because they're pretty crappy, but they look nice and I want to take more pictures when the next holiday rolls around.

This Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and chocolate chip concoction isn't really themed for Thanksgiving, but it's brown, white and black and I can only associate those colors with one holiday.  Other than that, I don't have much to say about this cupcake.  I just wanted to mention it before I talk about the cupcake it was next to.  That one is the reason why this one is being mentioned at all.

I love that Turkey!  The icing and sprinkles remind me of Halloween more than Thanksgiving, but that Turkey erases any doubts.  This cupcake is made for Turkey Day and picked the only mascot you can choose from to be their sugary wafer.  He's brown, red, yellow and has blue feathers.  I've never seen a Turkey with blue feathers, so he might actually be a peacock, but I get the point and that's all I care about.  Besides being with family, Thanksgiving is insanely boring, so I found a lot of excitement in this little guy.  That's pretty sad, but we're not talking about Christmas here.  There's not much to be excite over.  Thankful on T-Day?  Of course.  But excited?  Eh, not me.. Maybe that will change next year.

There are many different drinks to choose from on Thanksgiving.  At my Aunts house, you can pick from soda, beer, wine, coffee, tea, milk, juice.. you name it.  But one thing that isn't offered is seltzer.  That's probably because it's gross, but my Dad actually enjoys it and bought these for himself.  He said he bought them for blog purposes, but I'm not so sure.  He knows the rules -- don't open anything until it's photographed.  But look at that Candy Cane Seltzer.  That top has clearly been snapped.  Either he couldn't wait or doesn't want to admit that he loves himself some Seltzer.  I think it's disgusting, but is there actually a large fan base out there?  What's so great about it?  The only thing good about these two bottles are their flavors.  At least Polar --whoever that is--joined in on the festivities.

I love writing in the blog, and I've eaten a few things that I normally wouldn't just to review them here, but I can't bring myself to drink this.  There have been times in the past where I've been really thirsty and all we had in the kitchen was Seltzer.  That always pissed me off, but I would drink it anyway just to quench my thirst.  I fooled myself into believing that this time would be different and it would taste great and, every time, I would up spitting it down the drain.  There's no more fooling CK.  I'm never drinking Seltzer again, especially Pumpkin Spice (ughh).  But I'll give credit where credit is due and I love the fact that they cared about the holidays at all.  That's awesome.

Candy Cane definitely smells better.  It has a strong scent of peppermint and I thought, for a second, that maybe the minty flavor would overwhelm the seltzer after taste and I could review it, but I'm not taking the chance.  To me, seltzer is like poison.  I don't know why I hate it so much, but I do.  But, actually, to be fair, I haven't had a sip of Seltzer in years.  The last time I had it was well before my 21st birthday and I used to say I'd never drink vodka, too.  Perhaps this is an acquired taste?  Oh man, I'm going to regret this.. I'll be right back.. I'm going to go taste this in real time.

Here's another picture of the bottle to keep you busy while I drink this Candy Cane mess..

Blahh.. I gagged.  It's disgusting!  I'll admit, it's not as bad as I remembered and I'd take that over a shot of Jameson if we reached the same results, but it's definitely not drinkable.  No way I could drink that whole bottle.  That's horrible.  But it's minty and I assume you could mix it with something?  I have no idea how seltzer works.  Maybe you can pour it into your Coke and call it Coca-Cane.

I'm certainly not tasting the Pumpkin Spice, so we're going to end our belated Thanksgiving entry here.  I hope you enjoyed the random slew of nothing that would have been better suited for your liking two days ago.  I wish I had the time, but I usually write these things 3 or 4 at a time to make sure the countdown runs smoothly.  Now, let's put Turkey Day behind us (more than it already is) and continue the Countdown to Christmas.  I have a few layout changes to make soon.  That dinner table has to go, along with Charlie brown.  Stay tuned, Holidazers.  The big day is less than a month away now!!  Whoa..

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