Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Oreo Cookies

One of my most popular entries during the Halloween season was my post about Halloween Oreo Cookies.  I'm really not surprised, though.  Oreo's are classic, taste great, and it's always an awesome feeling to find that they've changed the creme filling color.  So, since that entry received the most hits, I'm going to bring out this big gun early.  Nabisco has done it again and, this time, it's for Christmas!

I actually like the Christmas package art much better than the Halloween art we discussed last month.  It's very Christmassy without being Christmassy at all.  They never mention the holiday, and stick with the "Winter" theme, which is obviously an attempt to make sure nobody is excluded.  I'm cool with that, because we all know what they're really thinking.  They don't have to say "Christmas" to let us know the deal.  We see them winking at us.  Everybody knows it's all about Christmas this time of year.  Even that jolly old snowman is smirking at us.

Except for the fact that I still see the Halloween Monster I drew last month, these Winter Oreo Cookies look amazing in their bag.  The red creme really stands out much more than the classic white or Halloween orange.  I think, when it comes to a Winter theme, they probably should have colored the creme blue, but I like the red better, anyway.  Again, they're giving you the inclination that this is for the Christmas lovers.  It's like they said "Hey, we can't be too obvious with red and green, so we'll meet ya halfway."  I see you, Nabisco!

You'll probably have to enlarge the photo to really get a good look at the "Four Fun Winter Shapes," but they are as follows -- The Gingerbread Man, a Snowflake, a pair of Ice Skates, and the Snowman.  Again, none are designated to any specific holiday so, if you're celebrating Kwanzaa, you're more than welcome to devour these Oreo cookies as long as you enjoy winter.  That's the only precondition.  I just set it.

I'm really loving the red creme.  The flavor is the same but the red is just so bright.  It's one of those things that I can just stare at for hours, or at least minutes, without getting bored.  Holiday Oreo Cookies are a great example of what puts you in a Holidaze.  They're mesmerizing and everything about them, from the bag to the creme, is perfect for the season.

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  1. I will no longer be purchasing oreo cookies because you are afraid to say "Christmas" Seriously, red is the color of christmas; so what is the problem?? Furthermore, what if you live in the deep south and there is no snow for a snowman?? Not everyone associates "Christmas" with a snowman or being cold outside for that matter. I am so sick and tired of "political correctness." We can say Halloween and or Thanksgiving (and not everyone celebrates these 2 days) but "Christmas" is off limits. So....I will take my money and go and buy Little Debbie "Christmas cakes." The same goes for "Coca cola" and their "holiday edition" 6-pack with the Santa Claus on the package. Personally, I'd be happier if you just made a cookie for Christmas and one for Chanakah (it could be blue) and for the other religions??? do they even have a celebration in December?????


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