Saturday, November 12, 2011

Charms Blow Pop Minis

Who doesn't love Charms Blow Pops?  As a child, I couldn't get enough of them.  They were less than a quarter at the corner store and were always in stock.  My favorite was sour apple, but watermelon was always a close second.  Honestly, it didn't matter, though.  The coolest part about Charms Blow Pops is the bubble gum in the center and, with any flavor, that was the ultimate destination.

I haven't had a lollipop in over a year, but these Charms Blow Pop Minis are a must for the holiday season.  If not for the flavor, but simply for the package art and variations.  Plus, they're lollipops without the stick!  How cool is that? Charms really went all out for Christmas and, for only a dollar each, how could you not get them?

To truly celebrate Christmas, the Blow Pop Minis are green and red, flavored cherry and sour apple.  I would have enjoyed watermelon better, but beggars can't be choosers and I'm more than happy with what's being offered.

The package art on the pouch pictured above is very nice.  In NJ, it gets insanely cold during the winter and, personally, I can't stand it.  However, it wouldn't be Christmas without the frigid temperatures and snowy nights.  The blue pouch blizzard reminds me of when I was a kid and couldn't wait to hear if school was canceled or not.  It's traditional and that's why I like it.  Plus, you don't have to be celebrating Christmas to appreciate it.  Snow has no religious preference.

In my house, I don't have a fire place so we've always hung our stockings over the mantle.  It's very similar, we just can't set anything on fire.  We also decorate the mantle with garland and ornaments so, for me, this red pouch is awesome.  It reminds me of home and is perfect for Christmas.  Unlike the blue pouch, this one is pretty specific, so I doubt our Jewish friends will be picking this up.  I could be wrong, but I don't see them getting excited over stocking art as much as this nerd right here.

Besides the Christmas Tree, I don't think there's anything more classic than the Christmas Wreath when it comes to home decor.  Around this time of year, you're bound to find them adorned throughout the neighborhood.  We usually throw one on the door and, like this art, it lights up, too.  That's what I like about this and all Charms Blow Pop Mini pouches.  They didn't throw stereotypical images of Santa Claus and Elves on their packaging, they chose to go a different route.  It's unusual, but when it comes to your home at Christmas time, it's anything but.  That's why I love these packs so much. 

As you can see, there is an obvious reason why these things are called Minis.  They're really small!  They look cool and you feel as though you're eating some type of jewel.  The red ones remind me of the ruby's you had to collect in the Sega Genesis Aladdin video game.  I don't know why that stood out to me, but that's the first thing I thought of.  Unfortunately, because they're so small, you hardly get any bubble gum at all.  The most important component of any Blow Pop is the gum, so it's upsetting that it takes about five of these to get the amount of gum you find in one lollipop.  But if that's the worst of your problems this holiday season, then I'd say you're ahead of the game.

I'll admit, they're not the greatest things in the world, but they're pretty cool.  They remind me of certain moments and traditions in my own life, so I'm able to appreciate them, but you may view them entirely different.  They're the perfect stocking stuffers, though.  For that reason, they're worth purchasing.  They're a buck each and taste good.  To top it off?  They're resealable!  Okay, now I've sold it.. Go get 'em.

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