Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bewitching Blend Tic-Tac

A busy day means a quick post, but that doesn't make today's any less special.  Throughout the Halloween season, there are so many products released that some get lost in the shuffle or don't make my radar.  Usually, the smaller the product, the less I notice it.  I guess that makes sense, but it's important to give all Halloween products their due diligence so that we continue to receive such a vast variety from so many different companies.  Sure, they may not all lead to 1,000 words, but not everything has to.  There's only so much I can say in today's review, but Halloween Tic-Tac's deserve to be featured!

These Bewitching Blend Tic-Tac's aren't new for 2014, but I never gave them the respect they deserve in the past.  Tic-Tac's aren't something I normally by.  This is the type of product you hope somebody else has when you're in need of a mint.  But when you see that a company has changed things up in celebration of your favorite season, ya gotta reward that with a few pennies.  What's so special about this?  The way it look!  Orange and Apple flavored Tic-Tac's aren't especially intriguing, but together they make Halloween art.  Combine that with a purple sticker, a pretty witch, and her Bewitching Blend logo and we officially have Halloween in our pockets!

This Witch is impressed.  I don't know if she enjoys the flavor or is green with envy after seeing a non-green, non-scarred, Bewitching Witch on the Tic-Tac sticker.  I feel for her, as do most women who look at the People Magazine covers, but she has nothing to worry about.  Personally, I prefer my Witches green and gross.  Frankenstein would probably wife this Witch up!  But maybe I'm totally off-base.  Maybe she is impressed with the flavor!  After all, they're not bad at all!  The Green Apple Tic-Tac's are delicious, but the Orange taste like medicine.  Believe it or not, I actually like that because there's nostalgia attached to it.  I guess I'm weird like that, but I enjoy Orange Tic-Tac's and certainly don't eat them for fresh breath.  If you're looking for something minty and refreshing, you gotta go the traditional route.  These are for your fruity taste buds and they're worth the few cents.  Just think of how cool you're going to be once you whip these out from your pocket and offer them to your friends.  Oh snap, look at you!

8 / 10


  1. The colors alone sell me on these. I will be keeping my eye out for them in the grocery checkout isle!


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