Friday, September 26, 2014

Entenmann's Pumpkin Pop 'Ems

I've always loved what companies like Entenmann's and Little Debbie do for the holiday seasons.  Whether it's an orange frosted cupcake or a bat-shaped brownie, Halloween cakes have always been a part of my tradition.  Looking back on my childhood, Hostess was actually the best to ever do it.  Do you remember those awesome "Scary Cakes" boxes?  Man, at one point, they even featured The Munsters!!  Today, they don't even release Scary Cakes at all.  That's a shame, but Entenmann's hasn't shut the door on Halloween.  No, they're still all-in and seem to change up their offerings every year!

It's no secret that I'm not the greatest fan of the Pumpkin flavor, but I do love me some Entenmann's Pop 'Ems.  If you're unfamiliar, they're basically Donut Holes similar to Dunkin' Donuts' Munchkins.  We've discussed them before and, especially this time of year, they're always a hit.  Ya can't beat sitting back on a cool night with a box of Pop 'Ems and a Horror movie.  That's what makes the season so special!  Now, how do Pumpkin Pop 'Ems stack up?  Well, opinions are definitely going to differ depending on your preference, but I'll attempt to go into this objectively.  After all, Pumpkin flavor has grown on me through the years and I can actually name a few products I don't hate.  Let's hope this is one of them.

Upon opening the box, there's that awesome scent of Pumpkin.  While I usually don't enjoy the taste, I absolutely love the smell.  It reminds me of my childhood, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and brings back such happy memories.  There are many aromas associated with this time of year, but Pumpkin definitely ranks higher than most.  Even if I didn't enjoy the way these Pumpkin Pop 'Ems taste, my nose surely got its money's worth.  Scent is the strongest tie to memory and a couple bucks for a box worth of memories isn't a bad deal.

I can't deny it, these are delicious!  That being said, there's only a vague hint of Pumpkin recognized by my taste buds.  For the most part, these are Pumpkin / Cinnamon Donut Holes that taste more like Glazed Donuts than anything else.  For me, that's a hit, but it doesn't mean the Pumpkin flavor isn't present.  It definitely is, but in a way in which non-fans like me can appreciate the subtly.  It's like a beginner's book for those of us who haven't acquired the Pumpkin taste, but desperately want to sit at the cool-kids' table.  For those of you who love Pumpkin more than a white girl at Starbucks, then you're still in for a treat.  These may not be as strong as you'd expect, but they may deliver the balance you're looking for.  The flavor can go either way, but one way it can't go is wrong.  It has something for everybody and I think that was Entenmann's goal.

Remember, don't leave your Entenmann's Pop 'Ems unattended.  They're delicious and bound to get stolen by a ghoul or two.  I made that mistake for one second, and look your peered through the plastic.  These Pop 'Ems are available everywhere, so why do green goblins need to lay their eye(s) on mine?  Get your own!

Then again, who am I to argue with Ghostface?  There's plenty to go around, just take your Pop 'Em and I'll sit over here with my laptop pretending you're all real to the six people who will ever read this.  Ha, and real-life wonders what's so important that I need to get home.  Umm.. duh!

8 / 10


  1. Cliff, Scary Cakes are available this year! I personally haven't seen them, but Matt over at Dino Drac confirmed they are out there.
    Although I agree that they will never have a cool box like that Munsters box they did years ago! I kept that box for years and then finally parted ways with it. I regret that decision to this day :(

  2. Maria.. It's funny I'm just responding to this comment, now. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to answer the few I get, but I found Twinkies and Scary Cakes only minutes after posting this article. I waited for this week to talk about them because I always like to save the best for last. This week, I have a few things to talk about.. Just gotta find the time haha!


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