Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Caramel Apple Blow Pop Lollipops

As usual this time of year, work and real-life tends to get in the way of posting on The Holidaze.  I don't know when people will begin to realize how important it is to write about toys and candy, but we're not going to let that ruin our fun.  Continuing with this season's unofficial Caramel Apple theme, I'm back today to talk to you about the newest Blow Pop lollipop flavor.  I think I was as surprised as anybody to see Tootsie break away from their traditional flavors to join in on the Halloween celebration, but it's certainly welcomed!  As a kid, Blow Pops were amazing!  Because they were more readily available on an individual basis, I had no problem dishing out a few cents to enjoy a Sour Apple lollipop.  Let's face it, that's the top taste and most popular flavor of the classics.  Watermelon is a close second, but it's still no contest.  That's why this bag stood out to me so much!

My first Holidaze entry back in 2011 focused on Caramel Apple Pops from, ironically enough, Tootsie.  Those are Fall classics, but Blow Pop is the king of all lollipops.  Whatever another company does with lollipops, a Blow Pop can do it better.  So, obviously,a Caramel Apple Blow Pop was sure to be another touchdown for Tootsie.  It was only a matter of time before we were gifted with this flavor and, honestly, it's long overdue.  But after seeing this beautifully designed bag, all decked out in green and brown with a change in logo color, all is forgiven.  This is art!

Tootsie has truly embraced the season, this year.  As first posted on Instagram, this is the second of two new Fall flavors. For each product, they went all out.  Personally, I love seeing attention to detail and these are amazing in every way.  The bag design, the lollipop wrapper, the colors, they're all perfect for the first full day of Fall.

The Caramel Apple Blow Pop's color is everything you'd expect and ask for from a Caramel Apple Blow Pop.  As expected, this is basically your traditional Sour Apple Blow Pop with a twist.  As you can see, there's a layer of brown on top of green just as there would be on a Caramel covered Apple.  Unlike other products we've discussed, that brown layer actually tastes like Caramel and leads you to the Sour Apple as you lick away.  So far this season, this brings us the perfect combination of Caramel and Apple, sweet and sour, tart and delicious.  They battle each other on top of your taste buds in an attempt to but on the greatest Tag Team match of all time and leave with the Caramel Apple Championship.  We have many contenders in 2014, but Tootsie has outdone themselves with this product.  Plus, there's gum in the center.  Of course that's common in all Blow Pops but, to go that extra mile, Tootsie has gone green and Frankie loves it!

If I had things my way, I would have licked the hell out of that Caramel Apple Blow Pop to show you the Green Bubble Gum in the center, but Leatheface had other plans for this lollipop.  Before I could finish taking pictures, he came out of nowhere to destroy my precious Pop.  With his infamous chainsaw, Leatherface provides us with an incredible view of the insides.  I guess he's known for that, but this may be the first time he's cut through a Blow Pop.  He just couldn't help himself.

In all seriousness, the Bubble Gum is an added treat, but doesn't break away from the norm outside of it's color.  The traditional bubble gum flavor remains true to the classics, but the pink coloring remains with the classics.  That's exactly how I like it!

10 / 10

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