Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Halloween Kit-Kat

I love Halloween gimmicks.  When it comes to Halloween candy, it wouldn't feel like the season without pumpkin shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or bat shaped Peppermint Patties.  Those little things, the attention to detail, and going the extra mile to celebrate the season are what makes Halloween so special.  Although I've covered most of these individually wrapped candies in the past, I continue to buy them every year for my own enjoyment.  Because they're usually the first Halloween products released, sometimes as early as August, they've become tradition.  They're a sign that Halloween is soon to make it's arrival and a reminder to make a dentist appointment sometime in November.

One candy that has been released throughout the years, for as long as I can remember, are Halloween Kit-Kat bars.  I can't remember when they made their debut because I feel like they've always been a part of my Halloween experience.  But, believe it or not, they've only ever been a part of the visuals because I've actually never eaten an Orange-Colored Halloween Kit-Kat.  Shocking, right?  I've seen them, I've walked past them, but I never picked them up.  I mean, I might have had one or two when I was a kid but the memory is long gone and I obviously didn't appreciate the moment if it did take place.  Every year, I reject these Kit-Kat's because they're snack sized and geared toward trick-or-treaters.  Had they been individually wrapped like the ones mentioned above, then these would have been on The Holidaze years ago.

I highly doubt these are new to you and you're probably surprised to read that I've never opened an Orange Kit-Kat but, for the sake of this post, I'm going to pretend that they're brand new and we've both been living under a rock.  It's a shame that I've ignored these bags simply because they're small, but I've learned my lesson.  When I walked through the aisles and saw these Kit-Kat's on shelves, I looked at them and realize how stupid I've been for all these years.  Here I am, a guy who's always looking for companies to go the extra mile to enhance the season and, right under my nose, is a prime example of one doing everything right.  Once again, Hershey does everything we want a company to do for Halloween and I didn't want to miss out on it.  I didn't want next Halloween to roll around without Orange-Colored Kit-Kat's.  The chocolate variety, designed with spooky shapes, just wasn't going to cut it.  No, this year I was going to contribute to the color orange.

I don't know about you but, personally, preference usually goes out the Witch's Window when it comes to Halloween.  See, another reason why I've overlooked Halloween Kit-Kat for so long is because I prefer chocolate rather than white chocolate.  I don't dislike white chocolate, but I'm not crazy about it, either.  But during the Halloween season, everything changes.  Would you rather traditional chocolate in spooky shapes or white chocolate, dyed orange, specifically for Halloween?  It's a no brainer, really, and that tends to be the case throughout September and October.  Although it comes with a bit of hypocrisy in this post, I'll always choose the more Halloweeny product first.  I mean, just look at that orange color!  I've really been missing out!

These are delicious!  I've never had white chocolate Kit-Kat's, let alone Orange-Colored Kit-Kat's, but this was much better than I anticipated.  I still prefer the chocolate variety, but this is Halloween and Halloween tastes delicious!  I do think Hershey should release these in individually wrapped packaging, but I understand them targeting the trick-or-treat market and can't blame them for sticking with the snack size.  At the end of the day, Hershey knows what they're doing and they're doing it all perfectly.  I'm loving their wide variety of Halloween products and happy I finally welcomed this one home.  The union between Orange-Colored Halloween Kit-Kat bars and The Holidaze was long overdue!  Now, if I could only go back in time and try one of those Blood Orange flavored Kit-Kat bars!  England knows what I'm talking about!


  1. Oh yeah, man! I can already start to tell!

  2. Happy to hear I'm not the only one who has never experience these before. I'm happy to bring them to your attention.. I really think you'll enjoy them! Thanks, man!

  3. I haven't seen these either! Or maybe I just mistook them for regular kit Kat's in prior years. Anyhow, will have to pick them up this year. I am not a huge kit kat or white chocolate fan either but this are on my shopping list this season.


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