Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Caramel Apple Laffy Taffy

When I told you that this season belonged to the Caramel Apple flavor, I wasn't kidding!  As I write this, I have at least 4 new Caramel Apple products in my kitchen and we're only half-way through September.  Although Pumpkin Spice may be the unofficial flavor of Fall, there's no denying Caramel Apple is making a strong run at the title.  No matter what aisle you turn down, you're bound to find companies cashing in on Caramel Apple's popularity!

I don't eat Laffy Taffy enough.  They're delicious, but the only time I ever have it is when I win a few down the shore in one of those "guaranteed-to-win" candy cranes.  When I was a kid, forget it, Laffy Taffy was ingested daily!  I'd go down to the corner store, buy 4 or 5 Laffy Taffy ropes, and be set for a full night of video games!  Green Apple was always my favorite, but Strawberry and Grape weren't too far behind.  For me, there's nostalgia associated with Laffy Taffy, but this limited edition Caramel Apple flavor is setting the tone for the next generation.  I was thrilled to see these on shelves because it proves that Willy Wonka cares about Halloween.  I could only imagine how hard he had his Oompa Loompa's working to get these ready for Fall.  Way to go, Willy, the package art is on point!

Just like the bag itself, the wrappers are beautiful.  Wonka has never disappointed me in terms of package design and this is no different.  The contrast between swirling Caramel and Green Apple is perfect for this flavor.  It's obviously the route all companies should go when releasing Caramel Apple flavored products, but pulling it off is a different story.  When it comes to what we buy as consumers, package design means a lot.  For me, especially this time of year, it factors more into my decision-making than the product itself.  For Halloween, I'm looking for the total package - pun intended - and from the outside, Caramel Apple Laffy Taffy is looking good!  Now, I can't wait to rip these open and see what type of colors and swirls they incorporated into the candy!

What the...?  This is certainly not what I expected.  Brown?  Brown Laffy Taffy?  It looks more like Chocolate than Caramel Apple, but I get it.  I understand what Willy was thinking.  Caramel is brown, and Green Apple already exists, so let's go down that road.  But couldn't Willy be more creative?  Why not half and half or swirled?  It's not the end of the world, but I would have preferred a more colorful Laffy Taffy, but I guess brown is as Fall as it gets!

Thankfully, Laffy Taffy's color has no impact on how they taste and that's evident in Caramel Apple Laffy Taffy!  These are amazing!  As I said earlier, Green Apple is my favorite flavor and, for the most part, that's what we have here.  But unlike those Jolly Rancher Crunch'n Chew's, the Caramel flavor plays a major role in taste and provides the perfect contrast between Caramel and Apple.  Wonka did a perfect job finding the right medium for this tasty treat and I highly recommend it to all of you.  By the end of this season, it's going to be interesting to see which Caramel Apple product comes out on top!  Laffy Taffy will be one of the top candidates, but I gotta take one point off for that color.  I'm not feeling that brown, but that's the only negative I can find and it's minute.  This is an awesome product for the season!

9 / 10

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