Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bud Light Lime: Apple - Ahhh - Rita

I apologize for the lack of Holidaze updates.  My girlfriend and I are currently in the process of moving into our new apartment and it's gotten in the way of posting about drinks and candy.  Believe me, I told mover after mover how important this stuff was, but they just weren't hearing it.  But I'm back today and want to talk about something I've been drinking a lot of, this season.  For well over a month, since as early as August, I've been indulging in the fine flavors of Bud Light Lime! Their signature "Rita" collection has been a favorite of mine since they were first introduced and, during the Summer months, they're the perfect mix of alcohol and fruit flavor.  When I visited Las Vegas in July, nothing beat an ice cold Straw-Ber-Rita by the pool on a 110 degree day!  But, what about Fall?  What about the Season of the Witch?  Well, have no fear!  Bud Light Lime has us covered!

When I first heard about the brand new Bud Light Lime Apple - Ahhh - Rita, I was thrilled.  Last year, everybody fell in love with Angry Orchard and it was a big hit during the Halloween season.  It was only a matter of time before one of the big dogs jumped on the Alcoholic Apple Wagon and brought the flavor mainstream.  I'm happy to see it was Budweiser because, like I said, their Summer varieties always hit the spot.  While Bud Light Lime Apple - Ahhh - Rita does sound like a bit of a stretch, I was excited to see what they had in store for all of us.  The 12-pack was designed perfectly with the right colors and breaking away from the Margarita glass to feature a Mason Jar filled with Apple Juice for adults!

The cans are tiny, only 8 FL.OZ., but they pack a punch with that 8% Alcohol volume.  I can tell you from experience, these Margarita's with a Twist will sneak up on you!  Before you know it, you go from sipping on a refreshing cocktail that tastes like Gatorade to forgetting you have David Copperfield tickets and blacking out in your hotel room.  I decline to comment on whether or not that's a personal happening, but I can tell you that's one hell of a magic trick!  So, be weary of their trendy design, pretty colors and, especially, their size.  Bud Light Lime Rita's, for as delicious as they are, can be very deceiving.  For Halloween, I like that in a drink!

Have you ever tried Angry Orchard?  When it comes to Apple-flavored beer, I feel as though they hold the Championship title.  As soon as you pop the top off the bottle, you're welcomed in by the soothing scent of Apple.  Well, when you snap the cap on these Bud Light Lime Apple - Ahhh - Rita's, that isn't necessarily the case.  Sure, you're going to get a whiff of Apple, but it may be the one presented to Snow White.  It's not particularly inviting, but when I imagine that this was brewed by a Witch wishing to be the fairest of them all, everything changes.  Now this evil concoction is everything I want a Halloween beer to be!

In spite of it's aroma, Apple - Ahh - Rita tastes pretty damn good.  If you've ever tried one of Bud Light Lime's Rita flavors, then this is surely going to be different.  It's not sweet, but rather tart and bitter.  It's Apple, almost Green Apple, but leaves and after taste with a bit more to be desired.  When I first tried these back in August, I really couldn't stand them.  They were so bitter that they made me cough and I almost didn't even feature them on this year's Halloween countdown.  But the more I wrote and embraced the season through Horror movies, music, and candles, I began throwing more and more of these back.  Like a Hallow-blogging Steve Austin, Apple - Ahh - Rita's were going down faster than I ever expected and I actually acquired the taste I didn't care for 2-months-ago.  Maybe it's the change in weather and season, but these have now grown on me enough to call them Fall's Margarita.  I know, I'll admit there may not be much competition, but Fall's Beer title still belongs to Angry Orchard.  Apple - Ahh - Rita will have to settle for 2nd place.  Regardless, I'd say give this a whirl but, word to the wise, pour it over ice.  When chilled, it's 100x better!

8 / 10


  1. I didn't realize those had 8% alcohol until after I downed a 25 oz can after my daughter's dance recital! The Straw - ber - rita went down WAY too smooth and I did not drive home that night!

  2. Haha oh yeah, they're verrry sneaky! Sounds like you had fun at the recital, though! lol


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