Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice Milano

Unbelievably, today is October first and officially kicks off the Month of Macabre!  This is, without a doubt, my favorite month of the year.  October invites us to embrace fun, horror, and nostalgia in a very selfish way.  Unlike December and the Christmas season, October doesn't live by the credo "it's better to give than receive."  Unless, of course, we're talking about Lizzie Borden.  In that case, we'd all much rather be on her end of 40 whacks.  What I mean is this month doesn't celebrate anything serious.  It's all about fun, indulging in seasonal products which are all no good for us, dressing up in playful costumes, finding a sexier side of horror, and scaring the shit out of ourselves through movies and Haunted Houses.  If this was how we wished Jesus a Happy Birthday, we'd all have spots reserved in Hell.  Thankfully, for 31 days, we get to make ourselves happy by being a kid again and sharing the memories and nostalgia with those who welcome the 'daze!  Leave your stress at the door, put on a mask, and get ready for the best month of the year!

On The Holidaze, we'll be having a blast this October.  First of all, I'll be announcing the winner of the NECA 8-Bit Jason Voorhees figure in a mere matter of hours! The Holidaze Halloween Instagram Challenge kicks off today and, later tonight, I'll be picking up where HI-C Horror Boxes left off with my own Holidaze Funko Horror Designs!  October is sure to be fun and interactive.  But, to kick things off, let's go the traditional Holidaze route and talk about some cookies!

By now, I know you're no longer surprised by Pumpkin Spice.  It's time we just accept that, this time of year, everything is Pumpkin Spice flavored.  As we've seen over the last few years, more and more companies are hopping aboard and I can only imagine what we can expect 2-4 years from now.  It may be getting out of hand, but I love it.  In my opinion, whether I personally enjoy the flavor or not, I say bring as many of these products on as we can handle.  It's things like Pumpkin Spice Milano cookies that make the season what it is.

When it comes to cookies, Milano usually aren't my first choice.  Now, I'm not saying they're bad because that's furthest from the truth.  In fact, they're actually really good and I wish I remembered them enough to buy them more often.  Maybe it's their lack of marketing, but if a cookie isn't memorable, I'm probably not going to spend the few extra dollars.  More times than not, these are purchased by family members for a party or gathering.  Then, when I see them and they're free, they're usually gone in no time at all.  But Pumpkin Spice Milano?  Now we're talking!  Now we're shooting for memorable.  As soon as I walked down the aisle in search of my beloved Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple cookies, I saw these staring at me.  The packaging wasn't all that different, but just enough to stand out and represent the Fall.  Upon opening the bag, these appear to be your basic Milano cookies with some sort of Pumpkin Flavored icing along the sides.  That orange icing is enough for me to associate these with Halloween and never forget it.

My appreciation for Pumpkin Spice has grown over the years in my quest to acquire the taste.  It hasn't been easy because, at my core, I just don't like the flavor, but it has grown on me and I can honestly tell you I like these a lot.  It's pretty rare that Pepperidge Farm releases anything that isn't delicious.  They genuinely pay attention to the details in their recipe's and it's noticeable.  With this product, they found the perfect balance between Pumpkin Spice and what Milano cookies are loved for.  Truthfully, these are much more traditional than they are Fall-flavored, but I think you'll find it's a happy medium.  For me, it's another product that slowly raptures me into the world of Pumpkin Spice and helps me become and all-out fan.  Pumpkin Spice Milano aren't as intense or strong as some of you would probably like, and there's no doubt the chocolate flavor still overwhelmingly wins the battle between these two tastes, but they're pretty damn good overall.  It's cookies like these that will eventually have me ordering Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte's like a champ!

8 / 10

Don't forget, you only have a few hours left to enter for your chance to win the NECA 8-Bit Jason figure!  If you have no interest, then make sure you get your ass involved in The Holidaze Halloween Instagram Challenge!  It's already getting interactive!

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  1. These were really good. I love cookies, so having these in the house was dangerous. I ate a few and was saving the rest to make them last the rest of October so I could pace myself. Over the span of a week or so, they slowly started to disappear and are now all gone,
    I think my mom was the culprit. She must have been sneaking them when she babysat our little one. Now that I think of it, it was probably a blessing in disguise. Lol having this much Halloween junk food around the house is not good. Although most times I end up buying things just to try them, take one bite and then end up forgetting about them!


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