Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Twinkies - Orange S'Cream

Okay okay, I wanted Halloween season to start earlier than ever, but I'd like Halloween itself to slow itself down!  I cannot believe we are only 5 days away from October 31st!  Time seriously flew by and, like I said previously, work has limited my interaction with all of you via The Holidaze and Social Media.  For me, that's the sucky part about this time of year.  For whatever reason, I always seem to find myself busier in October than any other month.  But I wanted to take advantage of this weekend, both personally and on The Holidaze, to at least get this ball rolling through the week and into the big day.  I've been sitting on this post, along with the others coming at ya before Friday, because they're special and all represent Halloween perfectly in one way or another.  I'll throw in a few extra's here and there, but today we're talking about a product that I had only hoped for when we first covered the X-Men Twinkies with the Blue Creme center.  Once we saw them hit shelves, I found a glimmer of hope and depended on Hostess to do the rest.  This year, they didn't disappoint!

Are these awesome, or what?  Last year, after Hostess was resurrected from the company's abyss, I didn't expect much from their Halloween line.  The fact that Twinkies had returned at all was a blessing for us junk food lovers and I figured that was good enough.  Never did I expect to see so many other Hostess classics make their return along with Twinkies and the last thing I ever thought I'd see were promotional tie-ins.  Either Hostess is once again thriving, or their doing everything they can to float a sinking ship.  I can't be sure, but I'm not going to ask questions.  Instead, I'm going to bask in the glory that are Halloween Twinkies with Orange S'Cream Filling!!  Beautiful box art with an ominous purple sky and forewarning bats against a Full Moon. Ahhh yesss.. The Halloween line is back!

If you've been reading The Holidaze for a while, you're aware that I never actually tried a Twinkie until after they returned in 2013.  I took them for granted and figured they'd always be there for my enjoyment when I felt like indulging.  Then, before I could find a box, they were all sold-out and I thought I had missed out on an American classic, forever.  Lucky me - now, not only have I fallen in love with traditional Twinkies, I've been able to try a wide array of flavors thanks to Hostess and their mad scientists.  Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and, now, for Halloween, Orange Cream!!  It's a beautiful thing!

My poorly taken Ipod-photo doesn't do this Twinkie justice but, really, without being able to smell or taste this Halloween Twinkie through your screen, nothing really would.  Not only has Hostess perfectly dyed their cream to represent Halloween, but they even changed the flavor to take this treat over the top.  That's right, this isn't your traditional Twinkie!  We're talking about an Orange flavored, respectively dyed, cream filled sponge cake wrapped in Halloween spirit.  It's truly amazing and may very well be my favorite Halloween product of 2014.  One, we never expected it from a brand trying to find it's way in a world of financial hardships and, two, it's absolutely incredible in every way!  From the box art and appearance to flavor and representation, there's nobody who loves Halloween who should not pick these up before the 31st!

Even Freddy couldn't resist digging his claws into this one.  Tormenting teens and invading your nightmares is fun and all, but every now and then, homicidal maniacs need to take a breather and enjoy the finer things in life.  Freddy promised to no longer bring me Nightmares as long as I shared my Twinkie.  It wasn't an easy trade, but one I had to make.  I can promise you this - Halloween Twinkies with Orange S'Cream are the things Halloween dreams are made of!

Hey, Hostess, put my commission check in the mail ;)

10 / 10

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