Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dipped Caramel Apple Granola Bars

This time of year, we usually spend so much time talking about the big name brands that the smaller ones tend to fall to the wayside.  Sometimes, the little engine that could turns out to be much stronger than we gave him credit for.  Other times, we realize they're small for a reason and they confirm why they're much less-known than the big dogs.  Which category will today's Halloween treat fall into?  Well, we're talking about Market Pantry, and extension of the Target brand, and they've surprised me a few times in the past.  Market Pantry certainly goes all out for the seasons and does their part in celebrating the holidays, but not everything has been solid.  Today, we're talking about a product that sounds amazing, but may be too much of a long-shot to actually be any good.

The box art is about as creative as the snack's name, but I bring to you "Dipped Caramel Apple Chewy Granola Bars."  I mean, I'm happy with the Pumpkin clip-art and Owl vector, but could we have thrown a few apples on there and come up with a catchier name?  Hey bud, have you tried the new Dipped Caramel Apply Chewy Granola Bars by Market Pantry from Target?  It doesn't quite roll off the tongue.  If Hostess can make up the word squiggle, why couldn't Market Pantry call this a foshizzle my nizzle?  Hell, I would have taken G-Bar or CAB for short.  But, hey, I get it.. You're not a big name brand so you don't have to stand out.  People are either going to purchase and love you for what you are or walk right by you no matter what that box says.  Personally, I disagree.  I'd stop for colorful Halloween designs in a heartbeat, but what do I know?  I'm the sucker who bought a box of CA G-Bars.

Despite the lack of visual appeal, I was still very excited to give this a shot.  Even though the box, wrappers, and bar itself fell short of wowing me from a creative standpoint, I was still intrigued by the ingredients and flavor combo.  Once again, cashing in on the Caramel Apple obsession, Market pantry mixed them together with Chocolate and Granola; two of my favorite things to eat throughout the year.  On paper, this sounds like it would become the latest craze in Fall seasonal products, but can it actually pull it off?  Like the Kansas City Royals, can they come back from a poor start and leave tonight as champions??

The answer is... No!  I'm sorry, Market Pantry, I really wanted to love you but you made me hate you.  I didn't wanna do it.  I didn't wanna do it.  I thought this was going to blow my mind and put Market Pantry on the map.  I thought they were releasing a product so great that they laughed in the faces of those who waste hours designing fancy box art and cool wrappers.  I figured there had to be something special about this G-Bar for it to be marketed by Target.  But, in the end, this fell flat on it's CAB.  Individually, each one of these ingredients taste wonderful.  The caramel is spot on, the apples are delicious, the granola is nothing out of the ordinary and the chocolate is perfect.  But, for some reason, they just don't mesh well together.  An enjoyable treat becomes something that feels like vomit and tastes like old oatmeal.  I wish I could tell you why, but there seems to be no real reason behind my hatred for this product.  Unfortunately, I feel as though I wasted your time with a poor review, but it's my way of paying Market Pantry back for wasting mine.  Now you know to avoid these things and buy something else.  I'm not saying to avoid Market Pantry all together because, believe me, they do offer a variety of quality products.  But, on this occasion, they missed the boat!

1 / 10

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