Monday, October 13, 2014

Brach's Caramel Apple Candy Corn

While I'm obviously having a blast bringing you my Holidaze Pop! collection, that's merely a bonus during this amazing time of year.  The Holidaze, at it's very core, thrives on products, new and old, that bring out a certain emotion.  Whether it be that of nostalgia or making completely new memories with family and friends, a few bucks spent on junk can actually go a really long way.  In today's case, I can't find much nostalgia attached, but it's fun to say "Brach's" like I'm Paul Heyman introducing you to the next big thing.  When I scream it out loud to nobody in particular and all 4 of my readers, it makes this post feel much more special than it actually is.

Brach's seems to be creating new Candy Corn flavors more and more as the years go by.  I guess regular Candy Corn just isn't good enough, anymore.  Personally, I loooove traditional Candy Corn but seem to always miss out on it every Halloween.  I guess I get so caught up in purchasing new items that I forget about the classics.  Candy Corn reminds me of one Halloween season where my parents had just bought me a Nintendo Gamecube and the newest WWE Game - WrestleMania X8.  I guess because Halloween was near, they also threw a bag of Candy Corn into the bag.  Well, let me tell ya, that made for one hell of a night.  Like a 40-year-old nerd living in his parents' basement, I ate that entire bag, drank way too many cans of Mountain Dew, and played that game until the sun came up.  At 15-years old, that's somewhat acceptable.  Unfortunately, I can't do it at 27, but don't think these Caramel Apple Candy Corn pieces aren't enticing me.  I just picked up NBA 2K15 and have 3 days off.  Um, yeah, that's seductive!

One thing I really appreciate in this product is the fact that they went red and brown rather than green and brown.  Every major company that's released Caramel Apple flavors has gone the latter route.  Brach's chose to be different and I respect that.  That's half the reason why I chose to cover these over the S'mores variety.  That and I figured they'd taste delicious.

Well, the flavor is definitely a hit.  Unlike many Caramel Apple products, there's a distinct difference between the Caramel brown and the Red apple.  It's also not as sour as many Sour Apple products tend to be.  The weird part comes in the texture.  I'm so used to that specific texture having the taste of Candy Corn attached that it's odd tasting anything else.  Whenever I hear somebody say they don't like Candy Corn, it's usually because they can't stand the texture.  I've never heard anybody say they don't like the actual flavor.  In this case, I'm finding myself to be one of those people.  The Caramel Apple flavor is spot on, but the texture feels as though it belongs to something else.  Luckily, I love Candy Corn so much that it's really not bothering me at all and I'm loving these.  I think they're great!

Freddy likes the way they look and threatened me with a lifetime of nightmares if I didn't hand over my stash.  I kindly obliged in hopes of sleeping again.  So, they're his now.. Freddy Krueger stole my Candy Corn.  If that sentence ever gets Googled by some weirdo, I gotta be the first site to come up!

8 / 10

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