Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Caramel Apple Twizzlers

No way, another Caramel Apple product?? Oh yeah, get used to it because it's surely been the theme of the season!  Everybody is getting involved, everybody is throwing their hat into the ring, and we're all reaping the rewards of their hustle.  Over the last few years, I've demanded companies to go above and beyond to bring us more seasonal products.  Many people have and although I'm merely a tiny goldfish in this deep ocean, I like to think we've all collectively gotten our message across.  Things like this make Halloween more enjoyable and obviously our voice makes an impact.  Look at the return of Surge, for example.  That's the power people hold, especially in this day and age of social media. Together, at the risk of flavoring every single thing on earth either Pumpkin or Caramel Apple, we've asked for more and have received just that.  That's why this nerd isn't complaining about yet another Caramel Apple candy!

Throughout the years, I've seen many different varieties of Twizzlers on shelves.  Personally, I've never been that big of a fan of any Twizzler flavors.  I remember my Dad absolutely loving the original when I was a kid.  It was the only candy he ever bought at the movie theater and I think, to this day, it's still his favorite candy of all-time.  That type of love obviously isn't hereditary, but I don't hate Twizzlers, either.  Much like Candy Corn, you have to appreciate the texture to appreciate the flavor.  I'm down with both, but will always choose something else over Twizzlers.  I remember trying the Chocolate flavor in hopes of finding my own brand to love, but that was almost as bad as Licorice.  Unfortunately, I've yet to find any Twizzlers outside of the classic that have tickled my fancy.  It takes a lot to tickle said fancy, but I have faith in these brand new Caramel Apple filled twists!

After my cousin, Allie, brought these to my attention, I had two choices when it came to Caramel Apple Twizzlers.  Either pick up the longer, more standard pack of Twizzlers or opt for the Trick-or-Treat sized twists.  Not knowing what to expect, I went with the individually wrapped Twizzlers and figured I'd save them for Trick-or-Treaters or use them as decoration is an orange and black Halloween bowl.

Looking back, I regret my decision and wish I left with the larger variety for one simple reason - these babies are just to small to photograph appropriately.  No matter how hard I try to make them look appealing, that Pumpkin decoration manages to hog all the spotlight and distract you from the money shot.  But, that being said, no matter what type of image I took the image simply wouldn't do the flavor justice, anyway.  These are actually amazing.  I've never tried the "Sweet & Sour" filled twists Twizzlers, but these make me want to because of their texture and consistency.  Unlike that usual dry, chopped Twizzler feel, these are soft and chewy.  The contrast between Caramel and Apple is pulled off just as well, if not better, than what we've experienced so far this season.  My favorite part is that the Caramel is much stronger than the Apple flavor.  Remember those tiny individually plastic wrapped "Caramels" from Kraft?  Well imagine those wrapped in Green Apple Twizzlers.  That's what we get with this pack of candy and I couldn't be happier with the end result.  For once, I've finally found a Twizzler variety that appeals to me!

The best part about the miniature filled twists Twizzlers are their scaled mystery mini size.  Carl Grimes, making another appearance on The Holidaze, was out on a run when he came across some food for the night.  Either that or he found a very green looking Walker.  I like that story better.  From now on, these Caramel Apple Twizzlers will be make-believe baby Walkers filled with brown goo instead of Caramel.  Carl would rather pudding, or even Twix Ghosts, but he'll settle for a chewy Walker.

The things I come up with.  Don't tell my co-workers.

10 / 10

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  1. I'm glad you found a Twizzlers you really enjoy! Original Twizzlers must be a dad thing! I enjoy them myself too, but it's the one (and I think only) non chocolate candy that I've seen my dad eat, often times during movies too!


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