Friday, October 10, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Frute Brute

Yesterday, I brought you the Yummy Mummy Holidaze Pop! design inspired by Funko.  Today, the Monster Cereals wouldn't be complete without his partner in crime and resurrections - Frute Brute.  When Brute returned last year, I was thrilled!  I couldn't believe General Mills was giving us such an awesome return after years and years of hoping and waiting.  I'll admit, Yummy Mummy took the prize in terms of flavor and appearance, but Frute Brute wasn't too far behind and may have very well knocked off Frankenberry.  Believe me - around here, that isn't easy to do.  In fact, I love Frankenberry so much I just put myself in the mood for a bowl and the only negative I can find is that it isn't Frute Brute.  Oh well.. Maybe next year!

Frute Brute was a lot of fun to design and I'm personally loving the way both graphics turned out.  It's a shame that we'll never see Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute in stores, but at least we can imagine what they would have looked like.  Maybe the images I've posted will catch the eyes of Funko designers and entice them to bring these Monsters to fruition.  Of course, you reposting them wouldn't hurt, either!  Get the word out and maybe we'll be seeing our beloved Monster Cereals finally united!

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