Monday, October 6, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Gale Weathers

In a perfect set of segue's, we're going from Tatum Riley, to Deputy Dewey, to Gale Weathers.  It's all in the family on The Holidaze and we're keeping it that way with today's Holidaze Pop! character.  We're winding down and the "Scream" collection is soon coming to an end.  I only have a few more to post before we transition and start changing things up, but there are still a few must-haves we need to discuss before it all wraps up.  Today, I'm bringing you everybody's favorite reporter, Gale Weathers.  Fans and Sidney Prescott both have a love-hate relationship with Gale, but nobody can deny the powerful role Courtney Cox played in Scream.  Although, I'm sure her proudest accomplishment was meeting David Arquette on the set of the first.  As soon as she saw him, I'm sure her eyes lit up and visions of the WCW Championship played through her mind.

Personally, I don't collect any female Funko figures.  Or, at least I don't, yet.  So far, none have really stood out to me.  Besides April O'Neil, who's a cartoon character, I've yet to purchase anything other than horror and male figures.  Being that this is the last female Holidaze Pop! design from Scream, I think it's important to not if Funko were to ever release more horror-based female characters, especially from the Scream franchise, I'd surely fork over my money.  Gale Weathers would fit the bill!

Hey, Funko.. Get this made and send me an e-mail saying "I'll send you a copy."  I promise I won't pull back and knock your lights out.


  1. I love these and wish they were going to become a reality. They always do a ghost face killer for everything, but I want some Scream main characters too! That would be amazing.

  2. Thanks!! I'd love to see these become a reality, too.. I have a few more from the Scream collection before moving on to a variety of characters. Unfortunately work has been busy and has held me back a bit.. But I appreciate you reading and I'm happy you like em! We def need main characters!


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