Saturday, October 4, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Tatum Riley

Today's "Scream" character is one you may not expect, but would be an awesome addition to any collection.  Perhaps underrated, Tatum Riley played a crucial role in the lives of Sidney Prescott and her brother, Dewey Riley.  I think she's so underrated that people forget she's Dewey's sister.  It could be because he seemed to show no emotion after she was killed in one of the most iconic kill scenes in horror history.  It's not everyday your sister gets stuck and crushed between a doggy door in the garage, but I guess Dewey had bigger things on his mind.  Like saving the day and marrying Courtney Cox.  Sorry, Tatum, at least I remembered to design you and your.. um.. assets.

Outside of her sex appeal, Tatum Riley doesn't do much more than being a beer wench in Scream.  However, Rose McGowen does have a strong fan base and did an amazing job playing Tatum.  For that reason, along with her colorful attire, I think she'd make an amazing vinyl figure in Funko's Pop line.  In a perfect world, she'd come with a garage so we can crush her head.  Nah, that's not morbid at all.

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